Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Moral Fight

While participating in MLQ3’s blog yesterday, I received a note from Karl (thank you!) saying that someone on Ricky Carandang’s blog (I really believe bloggers leave multiple tabs open to keep themselves current on their favorite pages) needed information on today’s International Women’s Day March on Ayala. Happy to oblige, I supplied Norie with the necessary information. This is part of that thread under Ricky’s post entitled “We the People”, on the surfacing of those email testimonials on behalf of Gloria Arroyo. This comment is so eloquently written, had to ask for permission to reprint it. Once again, thank you, Norie:

Norie (comment #97)

March 7th, 2006 19:42

Helga: This is a letter I wrote to myself. This reminds me, when others ask who should succeed GMA and what we should do after, and why bother to fight when it is so obviously a losing battle, of why I fight. Since I don’t know how else to get in touch with you, I share it with you here. See you in Makati.

Why should we fight, when defeat is imminent? So that we can die dreaming that a better life may come.

Amidst all the negative emotions - the sense of betrayal, the questions over the kind of mistakes made - let us remember what this fight is supposed to be about.

It is a moral fight.

It is more than a fight against corruption, for we have had corrupt leaders before. It is more than a fight for the poor and the oppressed, for they have been with us ever since. It is, above all, a fight against evil.

What Arroyo has done, and continues to do, goes beyond corruption; beyond oppression. She is making us accept as standard the corruption in government, the shameless use of public funds to bribe people with to keep her in power; the bartering and horse-trading that other presidents have kept in secret, ashamed to be caught doing in public. Not to fight would be to accept these things. Not to fight would be to tell our children we accept these as their future. Not to fight would be to accept evil. And to live with evil.

I will not say that I am fighting because I am a good person. I fight because I refuse to accept evil. I fight because I believe that when I die I will meet my Maker, and He will ask me to account for the life He has given me and what I have done with it. I fight because I believe that evil must be fought.


ricky said...

The problem is that many, if not most, have lost their morality already. People are willing to give up their morals for either money, fame or some other thing.

The Public Thing said...

There are few out there Ricky, hidden and waiting to be discovered...I think the problem really is to discover them.

john marzan said...

those who are saying that they "don't care" are the same people saying na GMA should stay na lang and we must "move on" na and "shut up and work na lang."

many of these people claim na they are not “pro-arroyo”, pero they are just saying that para hindi sila pagtawanan at para hindi mawala ng credibilidad nila.

by claiming na hindi sila pro-arroyo, akala mo “independent” sila (like that phony winnie monsod)

if they really don't care, then they wouldn't be strongly opposed to removing arroyo now, would they?

and they wouldn't be busy wasting their time posting everywhere and forwarding emails showing either their support for arroyo or wanting her to remain in power now, ano, while pretending not to be an arroyo supporter?

Bebe said...

I look forward to the day when you have ousted Arroyo from Malacanang.

Who will you install in Malacanang then? Beltran? Satur Ocampo? Joseph Estrada? Cory Aquino? Bishop Rosales? Lagdameo? Manny Pacquiao?

west said...

Hello can anyone post here the transcript of the Hello Garci tapes?