Saturday, August 01, 2009

CORY, Hindi Ka Nag-iisa!

The Black and White Movement joins the whole nation and the rest of the world in paying tribute to President Cory Aquino. Our hearts are broken, but the fervor she lit in our hearts will burn forever.

In life, she inspired us to rise above our despair and to regain our dignity as a people. She modeled a life of selfless giving – fighting alongside those who had less, and taking the cudgels for those who are helpless in seeking justice.

In death, she awakens us from our stupor of apathy, reminding us to be steadfast in fighting for what is right and just. And, even if only for a short moment, she unites our people towards the common aspiration for a just and prosperous motherland.

We grieve for her family, and we thank them for allowing us to love their mother, their patience as they shared her with us.

As President Cory meets her Creator, we can almost hear the good Lord declaring, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” The Filipino people and citizens of the world can only say, “Amen!”

Buong bayan. Buong mundo. Nagpapapugay sa isang tunay na bayani!

Cory, Hindi ka nag-iisa.