Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Divide and Conquer

Last week, it began with the Liberal Party. Check out MLQ3's scathing yet wonderfully hilarious column for enlightenment.

Thank you, Ellen, for the quick text this morning about Mike Enriquez being praised by Gloria Arroyo on his DZBB radio program. Yes, it is the "kiss of death for a true journalist". I was at once filled with loathing at how baldly she uses this game plan of divide and conquer. Before this move on media, there was the co-opting of respected personalities like Justice Davide and the Con Com's Abueva. If you can't scare 'em into submission, take them under your slimy wing. Am glad Ting Paterno got out from under it.

It is becoming more and more apparent that this administration is busy at laying the groundwork for the smooth transition to martial rule. Win or intimidate people, institutions to your side, then slide the ol' proclamation of martial law right in. By then, their acquiesence will make it impossible to raise a voice in protest without being labelled as "tuta" or "balimbing". How else can Gloria Arroyo defend herself against the truth?

To quote a good friend, we are truly on the road to becoming "bayang walang glorya".


The Bystander said...

I hope Mike Enriquez and the rest of the GMA 7 people will not fall into that vicious "trap".

With people like you who refuse to be cowed into submission, I believe there is still hope for this nation. No matter how slim.

Helga said...

Include yourself in this little group, Bystander. There is no limit on membership or on the way you wish to express your indignation (I read your blog, too!). Nothing new about slim chances either, but we should take them anyway. Better to risk than not.

As a member of the broadcast community, it is heartrending for me to witness the power play Gloria is inflicting on our colleagues in the news media. But then again, it all boils down to how highly principled the "targets" are.

Helga said...

Oops! Typo alert!

There is no limit TO membership or TO the way you wish to express your indignation.

Sorry, I'm obsessive about grammar.

goddess_of_the_chase said...

Isn't this merely the bitterness of those who cannot summon popular support for their cause to oust Gloria? From the looks of it, she is simply pushing for unity and healing so that this country can move forward. But of course, it never can so long as there are parties who prefer to sow divisiveness for their personal interests, to the point of even encouraging coups in cooperation with communists and military elements, and with the use of taxpayers' money.

The Bystander said...

Well Goddess, if it's so easy for you to believe government's conspiracy theory (an unholy alliance between the clergy, the rightists and the leftists) based on the disks and documents said to have been taken from Lt. San Juan and on the "intelligence" report which practically everybody already knows, then I'm very surprised why it's so hard for you to believe on:

1. the Hello Garci tapes (wiretapping by the ISAFP with the use of taxpayers' money);

2. the Jocjoc Bolante fertilizer fund scam (more than 700M diverted to finance the electoral campaign of you know who); and

3. the jueteng payola to members of the First Family (as exposed by Archbishop Oscar Cruz who incidentally is also included as part of the coup plot).

Instead of labeling those who oppose Gloria as destabilizers, communists, putschists, adventurists, etc., why don't you encourage President Arroyo to answer the above issues squarely and sincerely? Surely, CPR, EO 464 and PP 1017 are not the answers 80% of our countrymen expect.

The Bystander said...

By the way, thanks for the invitation Ms. Helga.

Helga said...

You're very welcome, Bystander. :-)

Speaking of invitations, today's International Women's Day March isn't exclusively a girl's thing - feel free to join us, or if you're too far away, ask your guys pals to check it out later. Saw on the early news that we've been given a permit to march - are we supposed to be grateful, bow and scrape in thanks, as if peaceful assembly is a privilege? Last time I checked, it is a basic right of every citizen.

Jade said...

I find it funny that GMA and her minions claim that the CHURCH, the LEFT, the RIGHT and the MIDDLE forces are all in cahoots to bring her down..... If that's the case, don't they get the message then??
EVERYONE wants her OUT.

Helga said...

Like Yoly Ong said, Gloria Arroyo will go down in history as the most unloved president this country's ever had.