Friday, November 30, 2007

The Center Must Hold

Once more, our country is at a crossroads. Time and again, the administration has said there is no alternative to it, but more of the same: government by intimidation, bribery, and perversion of the rules. Time and again, the transactional, cynical, brazen methods of this administration have pushed every sector and institution to the wall.

Today, after months of indignities and shabby treatment, officers and men who subjected themselves to the justice system, walked out of the court. Every person has their limit. We recognize and sympathize with fellow citizens like them. Even when the thirst for justice has led citizens to submit to the system, the system leaves our country still thirsting for justice.

We call for sobriety. We call for a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We call, most of all, for all our officials to recognize, once and for all, that dignity is not dispensable, that justice is non-negotiable, that if the lying, cheating, killing and stealing continue, peace will not return.

The problem is not the people, it is the President. The first step is for her to resign. At the same time, all sides must resist the temptation to resolve matters in an undemocratic manner.

The Black & White Movement adds its voice to those who want change, and calls on all our countrymen to stand for what’s right: a democracy, unless it has an administration with an unquestionable mandate, cannot endure, and must end up with a people divided against itself. -- END

Thursday, November 08, 2007

True Lies

My Fellow e-Mandirigma,

They must really think we’re all morons!

When they could no longer deny nor explain the money received by Among Ed Panlilio and Bulacan Gov. Mendoza, the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) owned up to the money claiming that the disbursement to neophyte governors was part of their “capability building project”. And this came out on the very same day the LPP published full page ads in ALL major dailies declaring unequivocally that no cash exchanged hands during the meeting of Governors and Mayors in Malacanan.

There was one problem – that story could not explain the amounts received by Abante and one other Congressman.

So, the other day, they came out with a parallel storyline. This time, House Deputy Speaker “Girlie” Villarosa, speaking as Secretary of Kampi – the President’s very own political party, owned up to the cash given to Abante and the other Congressman. Of course, she had to qualify that the “President had no knowledge of this, and that Puno – as Party Chair, knew of the funds but not the details of its disbursement.” Puno, on his part, feigned being hurt for being put “out of the loop” of such an important transaction.

I was listening to Anthony Taberna interviewing Villarosa and I was both amused and appalled at her gall in peddling such incredulous lies. She was fumbling all over and could not even answer basic questions like who selects the recipients, who authorized disbursement, etc. They forgot to tell her it takes professionals like Bunye and Puno to lie with a straight face and without mumbling words.

The text-in reactions said it all. To Villarosa, one texter said, “More practice!” and to Puno, another texter said, “Fire your scriptwriter.” But the real clincher was Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Sergio Apostol’s reaction. He was visibly irked at the contradicting statements coming out of the Palace and its allies. His advice: “Just shut up!”

My own advice is for them to first agree on which lies they would like as to believe as true, before speaking up.

Tama na! Sobra na! Ginagago na talaga tayo!

If you feel this way, too – I invite you to do something about it:

1. Visit PinoyBigBriber and cast your vote to evict the lone housemate – Ate Glo.

2. If you’re from Metro Manila, join us tomorrow (Nov. 9) for our Black Friday protest action.

  • Wear black
  • Be at the Ninoy Aquino Statue on Ayala Avenue, Makati, by 11:30 AM
  • We’ll give you a Pinoy Big Briber postcard you can personalize
  • We’ll march towards the Makati Central Post Office at Buendia to buy stamps and mail the postcards

3. If you’re outside of the country or you can’t join us this Friday, you can do the following:

  • Download and print the Pinoy Big Briber postcard or greeting card from the same website
  • Snail mail it to: Ms Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Malacanang Palace, San Miguel, Manila, Philippines
  • Before you mail, take a photo of yourself holding the postcard (don’t forget to wear black) and email photo to so we can catalog all who participated in this International Day of Protest

4. Wherever you may be, just wear black going to your office or school. It’s the least we can do to show our disgust over the panggagagong ginagawa sa atin!

Sabi nga ni Abraham Lincoln:

Kaya mong gaguhin ang ilang tao sa lahat ng pagkakataon,
Kaya among gaguhin ang lahat ng tao sa ilang pagkakataon,
Pero di mo kayang gaguhin ang lahat ng tao sa lahat ng pagkakataon.

Please post to all e-groups you are subscribed to, and pass on to your friends and relatives. Together, we may yet rise from this morally bankrupt government.

God bless,


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pinoy Big Briber

I just witnessed Representative Bagatsing say, on ANC's Strictly Politics, that he would neither confirm nor deny that he received a gift bag full of money while at the Palace recently. He also went on to say that the media was blowing the whole thing out of proportion, giving malice to an innocent event. He also said the media and opposition should've taken into consideration the possibility of his family members being maligned and teased because of this misunderstanding.

Well. He should've thought about all that BEFORE he strutted out of the Palace with that doggie bag (host Pia Hontiveros asked him if he was the portly congressman caught on ANC video, as guests left the Palace breakfast meet). Ah, but he is, after all, only a congressman.

Welcome to Pinoy Pinoy Big Briber, Congressman Bagatsing. Nakatanggap ka sa pala sa bahay ni Ate Glo.

With that in mind, let's tell Ate Glo, Rep. Bagatsing and the rest of the 180 or so gift bag carrying congressmen just what we think of them --

Date: 9 November 2007
Venue: Ninoy Aquino Monument, Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati
Assembly: 11:30am
Attire: Black, please.


  • Assemble at Ninoy Aquino statue on Ayala Avenue between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon
  • Pinoy Big Briber" postcards (see here, and here in case you'd like to print them out) will be distributed as marchers sign up
  • Optional, but a good idea - Bring a used gift bag decorated with your favorite GMA "Sin" slogan, such as – “Hello Garci?”, "Sir, may 200 ka rito", “Joc Joc, umiwi ka na!”, “Patalsikin Na, Now Na”, “Php500000”, etc. for waving around
  • March to Makati Post Office on the corner of Buendia and Ayala Avenues
  • Once at the post office, buy stamps and mail the postcards
  • Some essentials – umbrella, water, camera

Our provincial and international partners will stage their own versions of protest mainly around the signing of the Manifesto. The internationally signed message will be presented to various Philippine embassies and consulates.

The html version of this invitation may be viewed here.

Finally, check out our brand spankin' new Pinoy Big Briber website!!!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday – rain or shine!

Monday, November 05, 2007

International Day of Protest Kontra Sa Panggagago - Update

My fellow e-Mandirigma,

I’m happy to report that our planned synchronized protest action on November 9 is a go!

We have confirmed action in the following locations outside of the Philippines:

1) Riyadh
2) San Francisco
3) Seoul
4) Tokyo
5) Cambodia
6) Hongkong

I’m still waiting for confirmations from other locations. If you’re located in the cities mentioned above and would like to link up, please email me at or text me at 0920-961-5610 so I can link you up with the team leader.

You don’t really have to wait for somebody to organize in your location. If you have a group of at least 10 people – it could be your regular golf or tennis buddies, your trade organization, your high school/college alumni association, etc. – you can simply agree to meet on Friday, proceed to the Philippine Embassy/consular office wearing black, and submit a manifesto. I have attached a draft manifesto which you can freely edit.

Please notify us if you plan to organize your own activity. Email me or text me so we can request media to try and cover your activity if they have presence or an affiliate in your location. Of course, you can take photos /videos on your own and upload it to youtube or email to us so we can post it in our web/blogsite.

Meanwhile, we’re finalizing preparations for our own protest action here in Makati and in other major cities in the Philippines. I will post details of these in the next update.

I must reiterate how important it is to stand up and be counted at this time. Sobra na ang panggagagong ginagawa sa mamayang Pilipino. And if we do not add our voices to the brewing outrage, we will one day wake up under a martial law regime with a new charter that will overextend GMA’s stay in power. Remember Marcos’ martial law and the rubber-stamp Batasang Pambansa? Well… we’re almost there.

It’s up to each and every one of us to prevent this from happening.

God bless,

Manifesto for the International Day of Protest Kontra sa Panggagago

An Urgent Appeal to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

We, Filipinos residing in ________________________________, are scandalized by the indecent haste with which President Arroyo granted executive clemency to former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada. It came at a time that we were celebrating the fact that our judicial system could actually work, that we were able to exact accountability from the highest official of the land and convict him of the crime of plunder. The untimely pardon, which came barely 5 weeks after conviction, set aside the decision made by our courts and sends the wrong message to our people, “It’s all right to plunder. All you have to do is make a deal with the ruling power.”

We do not see this leading to national healing as the Palace would like us to believe. Instead, it has opened up old wounds that can only lead to further divisiveness amongst our people.

Neither do we see this as a sincere effort at reconciliation. We believe that this is part of a ploy to deflect attention from the ongoing ZTE scandal and palace payoffs. It merely reflects the culture of transactional politics that has led our country to moral bankruptcy.

We are alarmed at the revelations made during the Senate hearings that seem to indicate the involvement of the First Gentleman in the ZTE deal as well as apparently confirm GMA’s intimate knowledge of the bribery attempt by Benjamin Abalos on Romulo Neri. This administration does not seem inclined to bring erring officials to justice or prevent an anomalous transaction from being consummated. On the contrary, GMA allegedly instructed Neri to fast-track the approval of the National Broadband Network project with ZTE.

We are even more alarmed at ostensibly crude attempts to cover up allegations of bribery inside the very walls of Malacanang with even more bribery.

First, a weak impeachment complaint is filed, one that is doomed to fail and intended only to immunize GMA from further impeachment for another year. In this connection, the Deputy Secretary General of KAMPI – the President’s own party, allegedly offers a P2.0M bribe to Cong. Crispin Beltran to endorse the complaint.

Then, Congressmen and Governors are invited to a meeting at Malacanang, presumably to conduct a loyalty check and support the trashing of the impeachment complaint. Attendees are openly given bags with bundles of cash – as much as P500K each, as “gifts”. And when the “gift-giving” is exposed, the League of Provinces of the Philippines belatedly owns up to giving the cash, a ploy eerily similar to Iggy Arroyo owning up to the Jose Pidal account of the First Gentleman.

To make matters even worse, the Palace actually believes we will buy their excuses and cover up stories. Hindi naman siguro ganyan kagago ang mamamayang Pilipino.

We decry the blatant and brazen impunity with which GMA, her Cabinet officials, her allies in Congress and local government have lied to the people. In her desperate attempt to cling to power, she has lost all moral scruples.

We declare our loss of confidence in her leadership, and we appeal to her that if there is any sense of decency and patriotism left in her heart, that she should make the supreme sacrifice by resigning now. We believe that this is the only way that healing can truly begin and pave the way for moral reformation for our nation.

We submit this appeal with urgency, before vested interests in our society exploit the situation and lead us to unchartered and bloody modes of regime change.

Tama na! Sobra na! Hindi na kami magpapagago!