Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog Problems

To all our visitors, pro and con - this blog has been having some problems of late. This is the longest period since Friday that we've been unable to open this page. Can't believe Blogger hasn't rectified this.

If there's a way to move all our posts to a new blog, will do this and put up a new one. Meanwhile, please keep trying to access this one. We will be posting a link to allow free downloads of our "Patalsikin na! Now na!" collaterals and specs.


Tet said...

Send me email, I might have a solution for you.

the jester-in-exile said...

hi helga,

a friend told me that this site linked to my personal blog, and i didn't think it was true until i visited today.

i'm honored by the gesture (and i'm humbled to be in distinguished company). thanks.

speaking of collaterals, how about selling/ showing these shirts, buttons, pins, etc in the malls? of course, the cops will ask for your business permit and haul you off to jail if you don't have one (unless one of you has a legitimate business selling shirts in a mall, of course). after all, mike defensor himself said that there is nothing wrong with "legitimate methods of expressing dissent." let him prove the worth of his word.

jade said...

hi helga =) can import all your previous entries in blogspot when you migrate. so it's like you never moved at all.

Helga said...

Oh cool! Thanks, Jade!

Tet, sent you email, but haven't had a chance to check if you replied yet. Sorry, swamped.

Jester, we are proud to be linked to you. We are proud of all our blog and site links, even if some of them (you may have noticed) are not approving of us. Mabuhay and Kalayaan! :-D

EricD said...

Hello helga,

as what Jade mentioned in her comment, you can try migrating your blog entries to WordPress. It has a seamless feature which will literally copy your posts from Blogger to Word PRess.

Helga said...

Thanks, EricD - although I opened an account at Wordpress las week, have been swamped with work lately, will probably make the move around Easter, when all's quiet.