Monday, March 05, 2012

On the Crucial Vote in Tomorrow’s Senate Caucus

Tomorrow, Tuesday. 6 March 2012, the Senate will be at a crossroads. Before it is the choice of whether it will vote for the truth, and declare the admissibility of bank documents, or whether it will strike a blow against transparency and accountability.

There are those who believe that their campaign to sidetrack the impeachment against Chief Justice Renato Corona, by subjecting the proceedings to a blizzard of technicalities and objections, will succeed. “The daily distractions provided by CJ Corona defenders aim to obfuscate the truth. More importance should be placed on what was uncovered, not on how it was discovered. What is clear is that CJ Corona did not submit a truthful SALN, the evidence proves that,” says BnW Executive Director Leah Navarro.

The Black and White Movement express our faith and confidence in the Senate as a body fully aware of its heavy duty of proving that impeachment will work not only as an instrument of accountability, but as a credible deterrent to wrongdoing by high officials, as well. - END