Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Black and White Movement strongly condemns the House of Representatives resolution demanding the resignation of OPAPP Secretary Teresita “Ging” Quintos Deles.

This resolution was penned in the dead of night by minority representatives supposedly in defense of an allegedly irate Rep. Aliah Dimaporo, relative of Bai Omera Lucman, GMA midnight appointee to the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF). It is public knowledge that Ms. Lucman has been attacking Sec. Deles in the media over her removal as head of NCMF. That this resolution was seconded by Rep. Eduardo Gullas of Cebu easily leads us to believe that this resolution had the backing of Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

It is also obvious representatives that rose to publicly assail Sec. Deles and call for her removal from OPAPP without benefit of defense, do not know her at all. Secretary Deles has a track record of public service that is dedicated to the promotion of good governance and a lasting peace in Mindanao. She has never wavered from doing the right thing. Her integrity and credibility are unquestionable. She is highly respected by a majority of those involved in the Peace Process.

We are surprised that Rep. Aliah Dimaporo would support such a resolution based on an alleged unfriendly encounter between them when she thanked Sec. Deles for that very same HOR hallway conversation and even sent her a follow up text – “Secretary Deles, this is Aliah Dimaporo. Thank you very much for your time. May I coordinate with Rose on visiting your office? Have a blessed day.” News reports claim that Rep. Dimaporo was incensed over statements made by Sec. Deles. Her text belies that sentiment.

We are alarmed and concerned that the House leadership under newbie LP members Speaker Feliciano R. Belmonte and Rep. Neptali Gonzales III did nothing to question or object to the baseless resolution. How could they have allowed this affront to an alter ego of the President?

Has the leadership of the House surrendered its majority influence to the minority? It is unfortunate that the House leadership has, knowingly or unknowingly, played into the hands of a GMA-led minority that would like nothing better than to keep justice and peace at bay.

The House of Representatives may be a separate and co-equal branch of government from the Executive, but many of its members won their seats by hopping onto the Noynoy Aquino bandwagon that promised “daan na matuwid”. We hope they meant what they said. President Noynoy Aquino has vowed to keep on the straight and narrow path of good governance. Sec. Deles shares that vision. The members of the House should adhere to that, as well.

Let us not allow those addicted to the past administration’s penchant for business as usual, “tuloy ang ligaya”, to keep us from the peace we deserve.