Friday, February 24, 2012

Handog ng Pilipino Sa Mundo: EDSA People Power

Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo
Words and Music: Jim Paredes
Original Video: Mike de Leon
Recorded March 1986

Performed by:
Apo Hiking Society
Celeste Legaspi
Coritha and Eric
Edru Abraham
Gretchen Barretto
Inang Lahi
Ivy Violan
Joseph Olfindo
Kuh Ledesma
Leah Navarro
Lester Demetillo
Noel Trinidad
Subas Herrero

Friday, February 10, 2012

The discrepancies of the Chief Justice

For Immediate Release
The Black & White Movement
9 February 2012

Yesterday and today, the glaring discrepancies between what the Chief Justice declared under oath in his SALN, and what bank records subpoenaed by the Senate says, was revealed.

BPI account testimony for 2007 reported 5,069,711.18 as the balance. For 2007, in Renato Corona’s SALN, the cash position reported under oath was 2.5 million pesos.

For 2010, testimony on a BPI checking account showed a balance of 12,024,067.70. Yesterday, testimony on the PSBank account of Corona showed a balance of 19.7 million. And yet, the 2010 SALN of Corona said, under oath, his cash balance was 3.5 million pesos.

PSBank President Garcia in his testimony today already revealed the existence of dollar deposit accounts. The enormous discrepancies already revealed in peso accounts of Renato Corona, indicates all the more, the need to inquire into the dollar-denominated deposits of the Chief Justice.

The defense is veering towards the Jose Pidal spin: that there is money, but it is not the Chief Justice’s money. And where the documents would tend to disprove that bald-faced lie, the defense has set out to suppress the evidence.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Mr. Corona, prove that you have nothing to hide

For Immediate Release
6 February 2012

Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 5.08 - A judge shall make full financial disclosure as required by law.

Malaking kasinungalingan itong ginawa nilang ito. Ang sa atin ay lima po lamang. Lima.” – CJ Corona referring to properties he owns.

Chief Justice Renato Corona is being accused of not truthfully disclosing his assets in his SALN. The prosecution has successfully pointed out that he actually owns 24 properties. How does a Chief Justice amass so many properties if he has no other means save for his and his wife’s government salaries?

The tedium has not been caused by the prosecution. Mr. Corona’s defense lawyers have been delaying the trial through circuitous objections and motions, the latest being strenuous protest against the prosecution’s motion to subpoena their client’s bank records.

The Black and White Movement challenges Mr. Corona to authorize the impeachment court to give the prosecution access to his bank records to avoid being accused of willful non-disclosure. Doing this would not only speed up the pace, it will allow Mr. Corona to live up to his word.

BnW Executive Director Leah Navarro said, “Kung wala siyang tinatago, pabayaan niya ang mga bangko na ilabas ang accounts niya kung meron man. Mr. Corona has claimed that he has nothing to hide. This would be a good time to put his money where his mouth is.” -- END