Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Black Friday Bulletin #2 - Details of Flash Protest for March 10

Designated time and place of flash protest for March 10:
MRT Station Ortigas, 6:30-7:15pm

Plan of action:
1) Wear BLACK
1) Assemble at the nearest MRT station near you.
2) Buy a ticket going to Ortigas
3) Wait awhile for other groups in black. Agree to board the MRT at the same time.
4) While on board MRT, do the "thumbs down" sign before disembarking at Ortigas station
5) When you get to Ortigas, buy a ticket back to your origin (or to your final destination)
6) Join the other groups in the boarding area, but don't board yet.
7) Wait for 5 to 7 trains to pass by, each time flashing the "thumbs down" sign when a train arrives.
8) When the cue is given, everybody should board the train and disperse quietly.

Suggested preparations:
1) Invite as many friends, or officemates, as you can
2) If you're an employer or a manager, invite all your subordinates to join you. Offer to "treat" them after the flash protest, if you can afford it.
3) If you're from the same office, arrange for carpooling going to the MRT station or meet in a place near the station.
4) From the meeting place, proceed to MRT station as a group. This will have more impact than just agreeing to meet at the station individually
5) If see other groups in black at the station, link up and agree to go to Ortigas at the same time.

My apologies for those outside Metro Manila, for excluding you from this flash protest. We will try to organize one that will involve you. Even now, we're already planning for an International Black Friday Protest. Abangan...

Let's paint MRT Ortigas BLACK on Friday.

God bless,


P.S. - Please email me at to advise us how many in your group are going and at what station you will be assembling. This will help us in tuning our plans.

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