Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hurricane in the House

Typhoon "Reming" is not the only storm brewing on the horizon. A far more lethal storm is raging in the Batasang Pambansa, one with far more lasting, grievous consequences. Last night, the House majority tried to pull a fast one. They tried to fast track a change in the House Rules without following procedure to allow for a Constituent Assembly without the Senate. Although the House minority was able to delay this blatant disregard of rules, the majority has promised to wreak havoc on us this coming Tuesday.

Once more, the silence of our people has allowed these congressional cretins to hinge our political future on mere numbers. As we batten down the hatches of our homes, tape up our windows, buy necessities we cannot do without in the face of the coming typhoon, we should also think about the damage that will be wrought by a Charter Change that will do us no good. The transitory provisions prove only one thing - that Gloria Arroyo can only find safety from accountability through delay and obfuscation.

Along with the storm comes a stench. The terrible smell of fear reeks from the arses of Gloria and her Congressional cohorts. The fervent wish of Gloria and every one of her Batasan lackeys is not to have elections in May because they know the surveys are right - none of them is assured of a win should she endorse any of them or their family members in the coming elections. The national abhorrence and distrust of Gloria can only grow and insure her becoming a lame duck president, vulnerable to impeachment like never before.

And even if the surveys bear out the latter, no one seems interested enough to outwardly call her bluff. And when shall we do that? It may be too late once a Con-Ass stinks up the Batasan, too late when OFWs realize that the dollars they send home are no longer enough to keep their families happy, too late once those with something to hide use their guns to keep their secrets safe.

The answer to the question of who will replace Gloria is simple - we are the answer. Quit looking for leaders to be bestowed on us. We have been able to suspend our disbelief in the claim that the Filipino is spineless and gutless several times before. Don't fall for the excuse that we have been betrayed by our revolutions. We can begin another peaceful revolution through the elections. Fight for your right to send Gloria a clear message through your power to vote.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

High Kickin' Against Con-Ass

Yesterday, we got to introduce a new form of protest against the Charter Change of Gloria. On the heels of her minions' declaration of a new push toward changing our Constitution to fit their nefarious agenda, we protested through "KICK Con-ASS! I WANNA VOTE!", on the stretch of Paseo de Roxas between Ayala and Makati Avenues in Makati. Instead of a march or rally of grim and determined faces, we mounted a lighthearted and relaxed street fair, combining forum, bazaar, and musical concert ideas.

What fun! We began with a parade up the street as Bgy. Poblacion's drum and lyre corps played while Chiz Escudero led the way. The PUP Pep Squad performed their acrobatic moves to get us all energized. The fora began soon after, lots of interested folk surrounded our resource persons. Former VP Tito Guingona, Senator Serge Osmena, Representatives Noynoy Aquino, Neric Acosta, Alan Peter Cayetano and Chiz Escudero, Mayor Jojo Binay, RC Constantino, Conrad de Quiros, Pen Medina, Josie Lichauco, Dinky Soliman, and our lead convenor Enteng Romano were more than happy to engage the people. The discussions were intense, the questions direct and to the point, the answers honest and insightful. Many people came away fortified with the knowledge that their distrust and doubt about this version of Charter Change, as well as the rule of GMA, were justified.

The First Time Voters Project did not disappoint. The youth were there in force, giving out information on the power of the vote and how the youth can change their political world through elections. Even the spokesperson of the COMELEC, James Jimenez, was there with his information team, to explain the mechanics of registration to anyone who asked. Thanks to our visitors, they didn't get much "down" time.

Scattered among the tents were vendors that sold food (shawarma, bibingka, squid and fish balls, to name a few), dry goods like handicrafts and tee shirts, and one table was manned by a massage group that gave them for free! Our BnW Katipunan arm presented a street tableau - drop a coin in the basket, and the "mannequins" would move. They came away with a wealth in coins!

Our interactive offering was a "Graffiti Wall" that was actually put on the ground so people could step on it and write whatever they wanted. The comments were decidedly severe. No wonder the Palace pooh poohs the surveys, the truth really hurts.

To cap the affair, we had a mini concert at sundown that featured cool Cookie Chua (Color It Red), Akbayan's Crazy as Pinoy and Reggae Mistress, school band Village Idiots, up and coming rock band Paramita, and the great Dong Abay. Their wonderful music eased our tiredness and gave us all a second wind. We cannot thank these talented musicians enough for gifting us with their music.

In the end, we believe that we kicked Con-Ass good via this unprecedented creative protest. There were no cops to disperse us with truncheons and water cannon despite the deadly serious subject matter - the political future of our country. There was no anger, only joy at being able to enlighten through a different and more acceptable activity. We hope you will find time to join us at the next mounting of "KICK Con-ASS! I WANNA VOTE!".

Here's a link to our photos:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Once again, apologies for the inactivity of this blog are necessary. Our involvement in STOP Cha-Cha has most of us swamped, but the hustle and bustle is welcome.

Congratulations all 'round to those who have worked tirelessly to make sure the bogus people's initiative railroad was stopped in its tracks. No matter, at least for now, the worry warts and those who say that the over-inflated Singaw ng Bayad still have a chance to harangue the Supreme Court with yet another MR, we should savor victory and go on to the next challenge. Con-Ass.

To further apprise our people, especially our youth, of the nefarious move that is Con-Ass by a majority in the House that seems to be salivating at the prospect of eternity in office together with their Head Honchess, we are mounting "Kick Con-Ass! I Wanna Vote!" this Saturday, the 25th of November, on one lane of Paseo de Roxas in Makati, between Ayala and Makati Avenues.

This is an event with three components:
  • Street Fair - we have invited NGOs and commercial vendors to sell their wares to those of you who are in a Christmas gift buying mood
  • Kapihan - we will set up a cafe tent wherein you may find a "notable resource person" like Alan Peter Cayetano, Dinky Soliman, or Frank Drilon throughout the afternoon; they will be more than happy to engage you in discussions on Cha-Cha, Con-Ass, or other burning issues
  • Mini Concert - we have asked a few bands and performers like Reggae Mistress, Noel Cabangon, Cookie Chua and other great talents to perform while you laze around on your banig as the sun goes down
Another important part of the street fair is the cooperation of the First Time Voters Project. Put together by several student councils, the project hopes to get eligible young voters to register in their districts as well as inform our voters of their rights. They will be joined by Comelec representatives, so do come by and ask all the questions you want answered.

We hope you and your families will find the time to visit us, we need your soles to kick Con-Ass out of the House!