Friday, March 03, 2006

Black Friday at Starbucks

Black is Black! I want my country back! The anti-Gloria virus has infected high society via the Black Friday Protest. Starbucks 6750 was the venue for elagda, Black & White and friends. Here is the story in pictures:

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Ma Bantot said...

makibaka! mag mocha!

Gabriel said...

i don't understand of all places starbucks 6750 :(

everytime you buy a X starbucks = 10-15% of that peso goes out of our country :(

Helga said...

Gabriel, we didn't choose Starbucks with the economy in mind. Besides, Gloria says it's doing great, thanks to her. It was chosen because of its popularity among a certain segment of our society. I doubt the folks that frequent Starbucks even care that a percentage of every latte they sip goes to an entity other than our gov't coffers. Filipinos own these branches and work in them, too. Every coffee bought there pays a Filipino his/her barista salary. Don't forget the local suppliers that keep the shelves full of cookies, sandwhiches and cakes.

As for Starbucks 6750, it was the first ever opened here, and lots of apathetic, "sosy", people go there. They are our current target market, so to speak, and we want to engage them in places that define their comfort zones. There were Black Friday protesters in Alabang, Podium as well. Apart from the Black Friday Protest, the blogosphere and egroups, we touch base with the middle forces via forums. See, we don't have the power, millions, and wide reach of the Gloria propaganda machine, so we've got to be creative!

Gabriel said...

Hi Helga not to pick a fight but i personally try to avoid starbucks as much as i can - i rather help pay the salaries and keep the stocks full of local - just as good coffee shops whenever i can

re: 6750
what are your measures of success of getting apathetic, sosy people? did you give out flyers? get email addresses?

it's time to be creative i do agree
so let's do leverage strategic steps to make change happen locally

it seems like you already have a good starting group build up from that...

I LOVE YOU said...