Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Cha Cha Juggernaut Rolls Into Town

The streamer pictured says nothing about why the meeting is being called. There is no proposed agenda. Streamers like these are sprouting everywhere. Wake up, people! You are about to be run over!

For shame! Actually, the lack of it. No sooner has Ronnie Puno warmed his butt on his new seat as DILG Head Honcho, he gets the LGUs in motion to stuff Cha Cha down our throats. Beware of the Barangay Meeting being called near you in the coming weekends. Your tax money will be used by the Usurper in the Palace to get widespread approval of Charter Change.

If you are part of the 65% that want her out, this is your chance to take charge of the situation. Ask your barangay captain why you should sign a petition without reading or understanding what they want you to approve. Ask them to explain the rush. Ask them why they're spending your tax money this way. Ask them to explain everything to you. This is your right.

This was just posted on our egroup by Ciel Habito -

"After our regular Bible sharing session the other night, one of our groupmates who is a barangay justice in our Bgy. Batong Malaki in Los BaƱos innocently passed around some signature sheets in support of a unicameral parliamentary form of government, asking us to sign. She told us that it was explained to them in a recent barangay council meeting that this change was going to be a good thing, that it would put an end to all our political problems, etc. etc. -- which she apparently accepted unquestioningly and has led her to obediently go around gathering signatures for her signature sheets.

When I explained to her that this was DILG Sec. Puno's way of helping get GMA and De Venecia what they want thru a cha-cha, she recoiled and took back the signature sheets. It seems that it was never explained to them that this was going to lead to a charter change. She thought it was a plain "petition" for a change that was "good for the country." She's not exactly a GMA supporter -- in fact agrees with me in my sharings where I talk about my own political advocacies vs GMA and cha-cha -- and yet she didn't seem to connect this signature drive with GMA and her designs.

I could imagine tens of thousands of similar barangay officers all over the country now seeking such signatures (even without a barangay assembly being held) not realizing what they are doing, but just obediently following their barangay chair's instructions.

I think the best way then to thwart this effort is to have media prominently expose this signature campaign asap for what it is -- ideally before Saturday if indeed there are barangay assemblies to be held then -- maybe by having credible public figures speak out against it and warn barangay workers not to allow themselves to be used."

If you allow this blatant use of power, you will have given your freedoms away. You will allow this despicable excuse for a woman become fake president for life. You will be erasing the future of your children. Stand up and speak up!

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Artemio de la Cruz said...

The Barangay Assembly is composed of registered barangay residents at least fifteen (15) years of age or over. There should be an open debate or intelligent discussion pertaining to charter change before signing the survey. What are its advantages and disadvantages? What’s the direct impact to our daily lives? Gloria Arroyo and her traditional politician allies are only interested how to stay in power. The proposed transitory provision has authoritarian powers; the President shall be the head of state and government. The bogus President Gloria Arroyo cheated her way to Malacanang Palace thru electoral fraud and this time she wants to fool the people with sham survey. SHAME on you Gloria! I suspect there’s a bribe money involved (lagay for each signature). Illegal gambling money (jueteng) may have finance Department of Local Government's (DILG) survey a.k.a. peoples’ initiative. Watch out for Manila sham barangay assemblies. Manila mayor Lito Atienza is a rabid Malacanang loyal dog. IBASURA ANG SURVEY! GO FOR CIVIL DISOBIENCE! BOYCOTT BARANGAY SURVEY!

Helga said...

You're right, Artemio, there is "lagay" involved. We've already received credible, confirmed reports that signature gatherers are being offered around P200 for every ten signatures in some places, other P100 per sheet. What's worse is that in the provinces, they are not speaking of charter change at all, just asking people to sign in exchange for money. It is apalling that Gloria is using the poor again. She, more than anyone, is aware that life is terribly hard for them, so dignity goes down the drain when it comes down to feeding their hunger. Evil, evil woman.

Artemio de la Cruz said...

It’s Gloria Arroyo’s initiative NOT Peoples’ Initiative. Punong barangays and Kagawads are elected government officials. Their active participation and taxpayers’ money involved then the essence of peoples’ initiative is no longer valid. Ibasura ang Malacanang-sponsored initiative!

P20-50K rain on barangay chiefs for Cha-cha drive

It’s raining cash in too many barangays nationwide, with their chiefs being promised a “big cash bonus” depending on the number of signatories they come up with in their respective barangays, and on condition that there will be no discussion of the positive and negative aspects of Charter change.
In Barangay 78, Zone 7, located in Tondo, Manila, a barangay member, who identified herself to the Tribune, but asked for anonymity, informed this paper yesterday that the top local executive in Manila held a meeting with their barangay chairman, one Ferdie Domingo, Thursday at 2 p.m. and allegedly gave him P20,000 to ensure that his barangay would have an “impressive number of signatories,” who will not be asked any questions but will simply be made to say yes to the changes in Articles V1, V11 and 1X which will effectively bring a systems shift in goverment.