Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Jolli Black Friday

Our latest Black Friday Protest was celebrated at three Jollibee locations - Makati Avenue, St. Francis Square, and Katipunan. Instead of the usual early evening time frame, we chose to meet early in the morning for a change. That made it possible for our friends to bring their families, as did some members of the media.

To the credit of Jollibee Corporation, the staff at all three places never put up a fuss, even if we didn't bother giving them a heads up on our plans. They didn't stop the media from doing interviews of either protesters or restaurant patrons.

The regular patrons did not seem bothered by our presence at any of the locations. Some of them came up to engage us in conversation, many were very sympathetic to our cause. Unlike some of the comments made on this blog and our sister blog, blackfridayprotest,no one said we were bothering them. Some offered some pretty good suggestions for future Black Friday Protests, and other ideas on how to rid ourselves of the Gloria scourge.

And so, with our hunger satisfied by Jollibee breakfast fare, we stood outside and took our pictures while flashing the "patalksikin" sign, leaving as peacefully as we arrived.

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