Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thai Rak Thai!

Just about an hour ago, I received texts from two friends - Thaksin Resigns. To be sure, I went straight to CNN International and INQ7. The stories were there, under breaking news alerts, in black and white. Thaksin is resigning in deference to King Bhumibol who is celebrating his 60th anniversary as sovereign, and to end the massive expressions of people power that have been going on for weeks. Thaksin says "I want all Thais to reunite". He is truly living up to the name of his party - Thai Rak Thai means Thai People First.

MLQ3 sent a sobering text saying that although Thaksin intends to step down, it will happen only when Parliament convenes, but no one knows when that will be. That may be true, Manolo, but he made his promise, I believe he will keep it. Makes me think about the Usurper in the Palace - she's never kept a promise she's made to us, and she has no shame, no dignity, no delicadeza, no need to keep the Filipino here or united.

Gloria Arroyo exemplifies some of the the worse traits of the Filipino - utter disregard for his fellow man when his back's against the wall (even when only slightly pressed against it, in many instances), selfishness, and greed. Thaksin called for snap elections, and when he saw the numbers weren't adding up in his favor, turned the tables his way by bowing out like a gentleman. A text from Enteng says "Buti pa ang mga Thai, may Thaksin na nagmamahal sa bayan. Tayo may Taksil na ang tanging mahal ay kaniyang sarili". All Gloria Arroyo wants to do is protect herself from being brought to justice by foisting this PIG (Palace Initiative of Gloria) on us, by diverting attention from the terrible issues that surround her. She is content to drive wedges between institutions, weakening them by bribery and coercion. This is all she wants, she wants to get away with murder. Forget what she wants for the people. She wants nothing for us.

Ok, we don't have a King Bhumibol, but what makes us, the Filipino people, chopped liver? Once again, we have been upped by the Thai people. They learned that people power can truly bring peaceful change, they learned from us better than we've learned from ourselves. We continue to deepen the divisions between us, arguing back and forth, unwilling to work together against a common enemy. I ask again - what will it take for us to drop all the arguments so we can finally see that what should bring us together is love for our country, not love for Gloria?

Another text from a friend says "Buti pa si Thaksin, hindi siya makapaga... ah... este... makapal!"



Tet said...

Forget any hopes that GMA would do a Thaskin. Here's is a record of what she said from the bottom of her heart, from Wikipedia.

On a speech given on December 30, 2002, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared that she would not run in the 2004 elections, admitting that she is one of the principal figures in the country's divisive politics. Arroyo claimed that withdrawing from the race would relieve her of the burden of politics and allow her administration to devote the last year and half to the following:

First, strengthening the economy to create more jobs and to encourage business activities that are unhampered by corruption and red tape in government.

Second, healing the deep divisions within our society.

Third, working for clean and honest elections in 2004.

This was hailed as a welcome development by many people especially in the business and economic sectors.

And this was not the only thing she said from the bottom of her heart; she also said "I am sorry."

[Just supply your favorite expletives here.]

john marzan said...

I'm happy it went well for the Thai people.

Artemio de la Cruz said...

Mrs.Gloria Arroyo always blames the opposition for her misdeeds. Democracy is dead under the illegitimate President Arroyo. Gloria and her cohorts deliberately conspired to cover-up their crimes against the Filipino people and the state. The Arroyo government has dictatorial tendencies to silence critics and hide her crimes. The issuance of “unconstitutional “ presidential decrees and executive orders EO #464, PD #1017, CPR, no rally no permit, gag the media, warantless arrest are anti-people. About 39 media men were killed since she grabbed power in 2001 and mostly unsolved murders. Massive corruption, scandals and questionable mandate have divided the nation. Bogus president Gloria Arroyo and VP Noli De Castro should resign for the sake of country’s unity. Majority of Filipinos want her ousted via people power. She should exit peacefully or face the wrath of the people. After the 1989 Romanian Uprising President Nicholae Ceausescu and wife Elena were executed. We don’t like to see Gloria and Mike Arroyo to have a bloody ending. Do Thaskin! Resign Gloria!