Saturday, April 08, 2006

Khob Khun Khon Thai!

The Thai Embassy had already closed for the day, but we were undeterred. We decided to visit unannounced anyway, so we met up at a nearby KFC, pleased to find Little John, our three year mascot, already there with his folks. We brought yellow flowers and yellow balloons. Our friends in media were in the area as well, probably grateful that we didn't choose a time too early in the afternoon, it was so warm. And so we crossed the street and made towards the Embassy on Rada, noticing a small contingent of police that kept a respectful distance.

We walked over, everyone in jovial mood. We were happy to find a flower box right under the Royal Thai emblem, and so we offered our flowers and balloons, planting them among the greens. Then Enteng read our statement to the Thai people:

We, the Convenors and Members of the Black & White Movement, wish to commend the peaceful people of Thailand that are, to this day, courageously defending democracy and struggling non-violently for responsible government through serene protest. The Thai people have become an inspiration to us, for they have taken the Filipino contribution to the world, People Power, and have used it wisely, compelling their government to take careful heed.

The use of the imperial color yellow as the Thai color of protest reminds us of the way we used it as our inspiration in 1986 to unseat a dictator and bring an end to the stifling of our freedoms through martial rule, giving historic birth to People Power.

The Filipino people are in the midst of another great effort to cause positive change within ourselves and our government. Our movement hopes to achieve this through non-violence and the exercise of our basic freedoms. And so we take heart and courage from the freedom-loving spirit of the Thai people to continue our fight for just, honest governance and accountable leadership.

Khob khun khon Thai!
Mabuhay ang Kalayaan!

After the usual lining up to make our "patalsikin", or in this case, the "paTHAKSINin" sign, we were pleased to find out that there was indeed an Embassy official still at work, he had come outside to see what the lighthearted fuss was all about. Enteng took the opportunity to present a copy of our statement to him, it was addressed to Amb. Asha Dvitiyananda. Then we all began our peaceful dispersal, looking forward to a quiet weekend.



Mrs. Arroyo should voluntarily step down now as "illegal president" because April is the month of Holy Week. I'm urging Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Jhun Labo to ask all the Christian archbishops of the Philippines (it includes the Catholic archbishops) to proceed to the Malacañang Palace and peacefully and legally urge Mrs. Arroyo to step down from her illegal presidency. The Philippines doesn't have a "ceremonial monarch" who can persuade a "despotic leader" in the government to step down voluntarily. But our religious elders_ the multi-denominational Christian archbishops can collectively urge Mrs. Arroyo to step down from her illegal presidency. Such Christian archbishops should do such action in the coming Holy Week. If Mrs. Arroyo will obey such appeal, the CBCP can appoint Mrs. Arroyo as amabassador of goodwill to the Vatican, that is if Mrs. Arroyo decides to step down voluntarily this month of April. Thanks.


This is the month of Holy Week in year 2006. I'm really hoping that Mrs. Arroyo would really resign voluntarily this month of April. I have lots of friends who are "spiritualist healers" from San Pedro, Laguna. I can bring all of them to the Malacañang Palace for a "session of healing". Those officials of the Arroyo regime, including those military and police generals, certainly need "spiritualist healing" of their mental and physical problems. Those faith healers will do "magnetic healing" and "touch medicine" there in Malacañang Palace for free provided that the officials of the Arroyo regime, including Mrs. Arroyo herself, will promise that Mrs. Glo Arroyo will resign voluntarily from her presidency within this month of April. Such would be a nice deal! Those officials of the Arroyo regime can see my contact details at my own blog here. Mrs. Arroyo should start meditating now to be courageous in deciding to resign voluntarily from her illegal presidency.

gabriel allon said...

Yeah, since you oinkys can't seem to get your act together, Let us continue to waste our time and head over to the Thai embassy. Let us take credit for nothing the B&W movement did. bore me. All you are good for is a photo op.

Kevin Ray said...

To all those who want to sign the GLORIA RESIGN Online Petition, you can go to and sign the said petition.

If you could invite your friends to sign it, it would be great.

I am targetting 25,000 people to sign it.

Hope you'll sign the GLORIA RESIGN Online Petition at

Pa-THAKSIN na!!! NOW Na!!!

maybagongbuhay said...

Just looking at rummel pinera over here is enough to convince anyone not to join the black and white movement. Jhun Labo eh? He got caught cheating the people.

maybagongbuhay said...

Hey, check out this forum: