Thursday, April 20, 2006

Black Friday Protest Bulletin #7 - Earth Day

Huwag Babuyin ang Kalikasan. Huwag Babuyin ang Demokrasya. Say NO to PIG (People's Initiative ni Gloria)!

Designated time and place of flash protest for April 21: Pasig Riverbank (along JP Rizal near Makati Park and Garden) - 5:30 to 6:30 PM


Exact Location is Pasig Riverbank, along J.P. Rizal Ext., Bgy. Cembo, Makati City.
(Note: It is near but outside of Makati Park and Garden, beside the old ferry station)

Landmarks: Across it are Guadalupe Arcadia Square where Mercury Drugstore and Banco San Juan are located (This is where you can park your cars); BLISS Housing and Chapel of Charity of St. John Mary Vianney Parish.

Facing it, across the river, on the Mandaluyong side are the candy-colored Gawad Kalinga houses.

Where to pass: Coming from Makati along EDSA, turn right after Guadalupe Mall before the bridge; alternate route is Lawton Avenue (street across Kalayaan exit from Fort Bonifacio) and turn left when you hit J.P. Rizal.

Plan of action:

1) Wear BLACK, preferably the "Patalsikin Na! NOW NA!" T-shirts. (Visit to see where you can order them)
2) Bring candles.
3) Assemble at Makati Park and Garden (see instructions above on how to get there) between 5:00 to 5:15 PM.
4) When the cue is given, march towards the old ferry station. Some of the leaders will go down to board a waiting banca that will bring them towards the middle of the river. They will lay down candles placed in cut banana trunks to allow them to float. Those who will stay by the river bank will also lay down floating lit candles.
5) The activity is called "Ilaw sa DalamPASIGan, Linawan ang Isipan ng Taga-Malacanang". The general idea is to let the candles float along Pasig until it reaches Malacanang.
6) After the candle floating activity, everyone should assemble along the river bank.
7) On cue, everybody should line up along the sidewalk, facing the street and then do the "Patalsikin" sign. Of course, someone should be taking the picture.
8) Disperse quietly.

Suggested preparations:

1) Invite as many friends, or officemates, as you can.
2) Make sure that you bring candles.
3) If you're coming from the same office, arrange for carpooling.
4) If you own the business, or if you're a manager of a business unit, invite your employees or your subordinates to join you.
5) If you're outside of the Philippines, and there are enough of you to organize a protest action, you can do a similar activity or design your own protest action. Inform your local media about the event. Don't forget to take pictures and email to and
6) If you're outside of Metro Manila, and there are enough of you to organize a protest action, select a public place like a park where you can do the same action. Send us pictures, as well.

Important reminders:

1) This is a SILENT PROTEST, not a rally. Please do not shout, sing, pass leaflets, or do anything to disrupt the traffic along JP Rizal.
2) Bring your cameras. The highlights of the protest action will be the floating of candles on the Pasig River and the group's "patalsikin" pose. Let's document these with pictures.

Forward this message to as many friends, relatives, colleagues, and egroups. I've also included below a brief description of the Black Friday Protest Movement, so those receiving your forwarded mail and hearing this for the first time will understand what we're trying to accomplish.

Let's paint the Pasig Riverbank BLACK on Friday.

God bless,


The Black Friday Protest Movement was launched by eLagda on March 1 to give professionals, students, businessmen, and other sectors a venue to express their protest against the continuing and escalating acts of repression of the GMA administration as manifested in its series of proclamations – CPR, EO 464, and PP 1017 – all designed to curtail basic rights and oppress the people. Even after PP1017 has been lifted, the repressive measures continue.

Patterned after the flash mob concept, the Black Friday Protest calls on people to gather at a designated time and place every Friday, wearing black attire as a symbol of protest. There will be no programs or speeches. Instead, people will be given specific instructions on what to do, and the whole exercise should last about 30 minutes at most. It's safe, non-confrontational, and within the bounds of the law, even under a repressive one like PP 1017. The mere "flash" gathering of the people is the expression of protest.

How will people get instructions?

Details of the Black Friday Protest action for the week will be published at its blogsite – every Wednesday evening. Those who would like to receive instructions directly can also subscribe to the movement's bulletin service by sending a blank email to


maybagongbuhay said...

I've heard that the Coast Guard would conduct "routine patrols" and their boats would go back and forth in front of Malacanang tonight. I think the waves the boats would create would just sink your candles.

gabriel allon said...

Obviously, the Black & White Movement continues to be oblivious of their surroundings. Fyi, this is earth day, so obviously, you need to perform tasks that help or save the environment. Placing candles and banana leaves and floating them on the river? What is this? You are adding more pollutants to the river.

I will joining a group and planting trees. Maybe you can learn a thing or two.

maybagongbuhay said...

They obviously got bananas inside their heads with these ridiculous ideas. Even the other Anti-Gloria people are turning away from the opposition because of loonies like these. Did you see the expression of the Thai Embassy official when the black and white movement guy handed him the lame "statement" they made? Para bang sabi ng Thai: "Sino ba itong mga KSP na ito at mga mukhang tonto?"

maybagongbuhay said...

Read comments to their pictures here

maybagongbuhay said...

Chief of Staff: Ma'am nabalitaan niyo ba na sila Dinky Soliman ay magrarally daw kasama ang mga konyo, pa-cute, trying hard, feeling sikat at pa-sosyal?

GMA: Ah oo, do me a favor, ihanda mo nga ang FIRST...

Chief of Staff: Anong First Ma'am? First Scout Ranger Regiment? First Infantry Division? First Marine Brigade? Eh ma'am mas marami pang mas mahalagang gagawin ang mga yun kaysa pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang mga natipos at na-empachong unggoy na yan.

GMA: Ano ka ba! First Shift ng ating Janitorial Services dito sa Malacanang at sila ang bahalang tumaboy sa mga yan gamit ang walis tingting.

Helga said...

Hmmm... funny how Gloria lovers can only spout jokes and snide remarks about our protests but can't say anything much in defense of PIG and her Cha Cha. They're clearly indefensible. I bet they're not feeling too cushy these days. They should go and join Mela Bengzon et al on their Palace backed jaunts around the country, spending government money on desperately trying to convince people that Cha Cha isn't the monster it really is.

gabriel allon said...

Funny how the Black & White movement can only create this blog and make silly protests then take pictures and make sure they appear for all to see(what a bunch of looney tunes these people are). We don't need to defend GMA. All we have to do is watch you continue to make a fool of yourselves and entertain us in the process.

And if you really think the PIG is GMA, think again. The real fat one is Dinky.

Oink, oink, says Dinky

Oink, oink, says the Black and White movement

maybagongbuhay said...

FEAR US GMA! Step down na, now na... please? Sige na, now na...
We shall make a patalsikin pose and place it on the blog sige ka.
Booo hoo hoo... sige na, now na... patalsikin power! Uhm! Uhm! Uhm!
Yaaan... beeelaaat... Patalsikin na Now Na... or else we shall order
belgian waffles in Starbucks and eat them sige ka...

caffeinatedpinoy said...

Hahaha, maybagongbuhay, your last post made me laugh in spite of myself. Still, it would be better if you (and gabriel allon) could give actual opinions on such substantial issues as the so-called People's Initiative, Cha-Cha, EO 464 and CPR (and why the Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional), wholesale electoral cheating, massive corruption, human rights violations, etc.

Instead of just resorting to childish personal insults without actually saying anything of substance at all. Ad hominems are the refuge of someone who has lost an argument.

maybagongbuhay said...

Well, the BnW deserves to be treated like it is. An infantile group of "konyo, pa-cute, trying hard, feeling sikat and pa-sosyal" creatures who have not been able to accomplish something substantial but to give a face to the dysfunctionalities of Pinoy society and Pinoy brains. They just show that the bourgeouise is composed of a bunch of sanctimonious little pipsqueaks and weaklings who say things like "now na", drink Starbucks coffee and are ridiculous.

caffeinatedpinoy said...

Maybagongbuhay, again, your rants are mostly ad hominems. And again, you glossed over the wrongdoings and abuses which the people, including B&W, are legitimately protesting against and seeking redress of.

Some people may not agree with their forms of protests, but they are well within their rights to speak out against this repressive administration through peaceful means. They are not even inconveniencing others with their protests. Of course you're also free to ridicule them all you want, but it would be a lot better if you could also discuss the legitimate issues in your comments. Defend GMA if you want, point out why it is in the nation's best interests for her to stay, argue why she shouldn't be made accountable anymore for all her past (and present?) wrongdoings. I think those kinds of discussions would be more substantial and enlightening.

maybagongbuhay said...

They are not ad hominems. They are accurate descriptions of the creatures behind the culture that shows the weakness in intellect, character and humanity of the Pinoys. GMA is a problem, and so are the BnW people... pare pareho kayong BUGOK.

caffeinatedpinoy said...

Just to clarify, maybagongbuhay, I am not a member of B&W.

At least the B&W (and many other people) are speaking out against the grave crimes and abuses of the current administration and trying to offer some solutions to the "GMA problem" instead of simply fence-sitting. May I ask, how do YOU propose we solve the nation's current crisis? How should we move forward, despite many unresolved serious and credible allegations of wrongdoing? It's so easy and convenient to just whine and call everyone all sorts of names without really participating and offering anything of substance yourself.

By the way, I was trying to engage you in an exchange of ideas about legitimate issues, and you reply by calling me BUGOK. To me, that really shows something about YOUR character. Again, childish name-callings are the refuge of those who are losing the argument, or who actually have nothing to say of substance.

maybagongbuhay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
maybagongbuhay said...

GMA has nothing to do with the downfall of the Philippine economy. It is the constant wranglings and piddling about Politics that the people engage in.

Q: What has the BnW movement, caffeinated Pinoy, the Factory worker and the "taong grasa" in Quiapo contributed to changing who is im power in Malacanang?

A: The same thing. Nothing.

(The taong grasa looked less stupid and the Factory worker contributed more to the country by spending his time more wisely than pointlessly discussing the nitty gritty of the "issues" though).

And you ask me what I contributed for the country? We own our employment agency who ships people out of that hellhole of a country so you guys can have fun being stupid with each other. They're better off marrying Japanese or Caucasian people than marrying your stupid Pinoy ass and breeding more imbeciles. That's my contribution.

caffeinatedpinoy said...

Maybagongbuhay, you said: "We own our employment agency who ships people out of that hellhole of a country so you guys can have fun being stupid with each other. They're better off marrying Japanese or Caucasian people than marrying your stupid Pinoy ass and breeding more imbeciles."

With that statement, Now I know for sure what kind of character you have, and how you really think.

Nevertheless, let's discuss your other statements as well.

Whoever said that GMA is solely responsible for "the downfall of the Philippine economy"? I don't recall the B&W having alleged that. Of course many of the root causes of poverty in this country have been there even before GMA. But for sure GMA didn't help matters by incurring so much debt (she borrowed nearly as much as Cory, FVR, and Erap combined) without having anything to show for it, except for a financial crisis which is being kept at bay by her imposition of higher taxes and the inflows from the OFWs. Where did all the money go? Certainly a large chunk of it went to corruption, as noted by The United Nations Development Program.

But as I've said, that's not the reason for the opposition to GMA. People are protesting because GMA is being credibly accused of wholesale cheating during the last elections, which also includes the misuse of billions in public funds for her own electoral campaign. People are continually protesting because instead of answering these allegations, she attempted a coverup (Bunye's "I have two tapes") and resorted to using the presidency's vast remunerative powers (bribery, juicy promotions, political largesse, etc) to supress the truth. When people still persisted in demanding transparency and accountability, she resorted to repressive and unconstitunal measures such as E0 464, CPR, and proclamation 1017. Now she is even using a fake "people's initiative" ro railroad charter change for her own narrow interests.

Those are the issues.

By the way, contrary to what you said, I never asked you what you "contributed for the country." We all have our contributions to the country. I work hard too. I also have other personal contributions which I don't want to discuss here, lest I sound immodest. I'm sure that many of the members of B&W (if not all) have their own productive work as well.

What I asked you before was, to quote: "how do YOU propose we solve the nation's current crisis? How should we move forward, despite many unresolved serious and credible allegations of wrongdoing?"

And it seems that your answer to that is: let's all ship out out of this hellhole of a country, we're better off marrying foreigners.

Now I know how you think. I don't think I'll be replying to your comments anymore. Anyway, as you said, you find it pointless discussing the nitty gritty of the issues. Apparently, you consider ridiculing groups such as the B&W a better use of your time, as evidenced by your daily visits to this blog.

You have a nice day.

maybagongbuhay said...

Hey, we gotta have a bit of fun sometimes. It's like shooting deer or ducks you know. I agree that GMA is not the sole reason Pinas is on a downward spiral. It is really everyone who's messed up. Just saturate the Malay gene with Japanese, Caucasian or Chinese and everything will be cool.

maybagongbuhay said...

From Micketymoc's blog: "No, it definitely wasn’t funny for Dinky Soliman and Enteng Romano, getting pounced upon by the police while parading at the Boardwalk in Starbucks black. So why, instead of a gritty scene in some Lino Brocka movie, was I thinking more along the lines of Tito Vic and Joey?

“Sumama na kayo.” “Nge!” (Comedy music ngweeeee ngweeeeee ngweeeee ngweeeee NGWEEEEEEEEEE.)"


Helga said...

Thank you, caffeinatedpinoy, for the constructive comments. Your insights into our crises are spot on, unlike the critique we get, always aimed at side issues. Like Gloria, her fans talk out of the sides of their mouths.

We've stated time and again that we respect all opinions (this is why we don't moderate comments on this blog, no matter how disparaging or insulting. In a way, the derisive comments we receive can be taken as inadvertent flattery - we have mananged to scare the wits out of some of our readers, caused them grave concern, through our various actions. It is also apparent that many people are not aware of the issues, or have great, uninformed biases against them. We're all free to differ, yes?

As for maybagongbuhay, I now know what his pseudo-name means - he has abandoned us for the US to forge a new life there. If he is still Filipino enough to pay his taxes, even from there, then he has every right to his views from his space of comfort. But then, I doubt that he does, as he considers his birthplace a God-forsaken land, and is actively helping the brain drain by being GMA's accomplice in making sure we lose all our good people through his choice of work.

I believe micketymoc is a member of the Luli Internet Brigade. No explanation needed there.

Caffeinated, I hope you take the time to comment on what you think about the latest anti-Cha Cha event, last Friday's STOP CHA CHA meeting. It was the main reason for my lack of posts. Would appreciate your views.

maybagongbuhay said...

What? Fear being generated by BnW? BWAHAHAHAHA!Maybe disgust. In Tagalog, naaalibadbaran ang mga tao sa inyong kabaduyan. Just take a look at the Thai Embassy scene. "Mamang mukhang tuod" (not my words) gives the lame "statement" to two confused Thai Embassy employees whose facial expressions clearly indicate that they want nothing to do with those BnW people who try to kiss their hineys. Guy on the left has a camera in hand as the woman on the right frantically motions camera holders to take pictures.

We just want to express our disgust. It is things like these that represent what weakens the Filipino people. Another thing, "May Bagong Buhay" does not pertain to any individual's life. The name is taken from the song of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) when it was still a noble organization. I don't agree that it later on became bad. I agree though, with their vision that FILIPINO CULTURE and the way Pinoys think should be overhauled in its entirety. The reason I went to the US so I can accumulate great wealth and one day come back and make a significant change. Better than standing around Starbucks and being dimwits.

caffeinatedpinoy said...

Your welcome, Helga.

Of course I fully support the efforts to defeat Gloria's deceitful and self-serving cha-cha. I'll try to leave a more detailed comment in the "Stop cha-cha" post.

Kudos to all you guys for helping organize that coalition.

micketymoc said...

Helga - re your comment here: do you honestly believe that Luli Arroyo's paying bloggers through a slush fund to push her agenda? And if this is only a turn of phrase, what's it supposed to accomplish, apart from convincing your side that there's a [nonexistent] conspiracy against you, and convincing the other side that you and reality have as much in common as Luli Arroyo and Jinggoy Estrada?

maybagongbuhay said...

Bwahahahahahaha! Luli Internet Brigade huh? That only shows that these BnW folks are really "kulang kulang" inside their heads.

What kind of an airheaded bimbo would think that Luli has to pay people just to lambast the BnW movement?

Gabriel Allon is absolutely right! Luli does not need to pay people to defend GMA or to make fun of the BnW. All they have to do is continue to make fools of themselves and voila! People would point it out!

micketymoc said...

Hey, don't knock 'em. I found the accusation so funny, it inspired me to write this blog entry.

maybagongbuhay said...

Ha ha ha ha! Funny blog entry mickety! These BnW cretins are really not as bright as they think they are! Their thought processes are so inadequate that they say and do all these ridiculous things that are so fun to make fun of. Hey BnW wake up! You know the Hindu god Ganesh? Pray to him so he can grow you a brain.

maybagongbuhay said...

I know what happenned Micketymoc. I know how this idea of "Luli Internet Brigade" came about. One day, a bunch of "Helga Type" konyos and konyas were regurgitating their Venti Lattes (or whatever the heck you call those) in Starbucks when the conversation went like this:

Helga-esque bimbo 1: You know, a lot of mga bloggers and posters in our blog are so kontra to ouur cause. Why kaya?

Helga-esque bimbo 2: You know, I have some chika.

Helga-esque bimbo 3: Talaga? You share the chika naman to us. Now na.

(glug glug glug... the others sip their coffees with boba from straws)

Helga-esque bimbo 2: I have this friend, OK, she has a friend whose brother has another friend who has a sister with a classmate who is a cousin of someone he met at Starbucks...

Helga-esque bimbo 4: Really? It's intriga ha. Spill out mo na the details.

Helga-esque bimbo 2: Well, this friend whose brother has um... tama ba? Pero whatever basta... this guy I was describing was emailed by a certain claiming that he was related to Mr. Mike Arroyo and needed to secure a bank account and would deposit $30 Million dollars for safekeeping and would split the money with that guy. The guy was so tuwa! He gave out his bank details and basta, I don't know the rest of the story but he ended up in Luli Internet Brigade.

Helga-esque bimbo 4: Ah, so ganun pala what happenned. Kaya pala there are so many of yung kontra to movements like the Black and White movement. Its because Luli bribes bloggers just to make kontra and write negative things about us.

Helga-esque bimbo 5: Oo nga, the coffee here tastes a bit different from the Starbucks in Alabang. Let's just go make chika there instead. Now na.

(comedy music ngweeee ngweee ngweee ngweeee NGWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

cvj said...

Caffeinatedpinoy, i have read and appreciate your efforts to extract a sensible discussion with maybagongbuhay, but if i were him/her, i also would not bite. Any hint of the same earnestness that BnW has displayed will leave an opening. They can’t afford to do that since they are defending the indefensible. That explains the preference for juvenile remarks.

Helga, with respect i beg to differ - i refuse to believe micketymoc is doing this as part of any brigade.

micketymoc said...

Somebody with a little less tact would say at this point, "Well, DUH!" But it's a free country - Helga's free to believe whatever conspiracy theory she likes. If it makes her feel better, the idea that Luli's bankrolling me, who am I to begrudge her little joys?

BTW, Luli asked me to write this. :)

maybagongbuhay said...

This "Luli Internet Brigade" nonsense roots from the propensities of the BnW movement members to have delusions of grandeur. These people think so greatly of themselves (even though the "Taong Grasa" near Quiapo Church has more intellect than them) that they think it takes a paid advertising campaign or a "Brigade" to bring them down.

It's really pathetic how underdeveloped (the likes of) Helga's thought processes are. Even the other Anti-Arroyo groups distance themselves from these birdbrains. It's like watching a basketball game and the other team acts very weakly. The BnW movement is one of the symptoms of the ills of Pinoy society. It just brings to your eyes the bad taste, poor intellect and just plain stupidity that weighs the country down.