Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Greetings

From all of us in the Black & White Movement, we wish you and your families the best of Easter blessings!



The 2-party system is not a valid option for Philippine politics. The Philippines still has some semi-feudal institutions that hinder the growth of real and moral democracy. I believe that the 2-party system is only applicable to highly-stable democracies in the world. Also, the British parliamentary system would not work here. The remaining semi-feudal structures in the rural areas of our country would only make parliamentary democracy here become a truly-oligarchic democracy.

I also would like to invite the readers of this topic to sign this on -line petition for the complete democratization of the U.N. Organization. Such on-line petition can be signed by clicking this page now: . Please sign such petition now. Thanks.

john marzan said...

awwww... what a cutie!

Helga said...

Thanks, John! Having a difficult time getting back into the ugly swing of things, thought I'd start friendly while sharpening my knives. :-D

Spent some time going over bulatlat's reports on initiative rigging - donwright un-Christian, don't you think? Will post something on it later. Meanwhile, we're collecting affidavits on this in cooperation with lawyer's groups.

maybagongbuhay said...

Dinky Soliman may actually be a GMA Agent! She is like a "Trojan Horse" placed in the opposition camp whose purpose is to make them do things that would make the Anti-GMA camp look extremely ridiculous.

Dinky would gather all the pansies, geeks, laughy-smiley weaklings, pa-sosyal, pa-itellektwal, Starbucks drinking nerds and email freaks, text addicts, blog geeks and put up freak shows in places like Starbucks, Aristocrat or Baywalk. She would paint the Anti-GMA camp in that pathetic light!

GMA is so clever.

carlosceldran said...

Dinky Soliman is actually a GMA Agent!

You simply must read this thread. It's hilarious but also a wake up call.