Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How Baboy Naman the PIG

THE manner in which the administration is conducting the People’s Initiative of Gloria (PIG) reminds us of a phrase made famous by Mrs. Arroyo’s alma mater: “how baboy naman the pig.”

The Black & White Movement believes that the so-called People’s Initiative is not the voice of the people. It is the shrill whistle-blowing of the Lubao Express. Speaker Jose de Venecia wants to take credit for it and calls it the Dagupan Express, but he is only waving from the caboose of an Arroyo-initiated, Arroyo-led, and Arroyo-centric effort.

The manner in which the Constitution is being treated is just the latest manifestation of the total disregard Mrs. Arroyo has for the letter and spirit of the law. Change is not the objective of the administration’s efforts. Self-preservation and self-perpetuation is what they seek.

The path to genuine change and reforms is through a Constitutional Convention, freely elected and as non-partisan as possible. The only way to resolve the crisis of democracy in our country is through Special Elections, to provide our country with leadership that enjoys a genuine mandate.

The Black & White Movement says: how baboy naman the PIG! No to Gloria’s Cha-Cha, Yes to Special Elections! Let us not be fooled by a railroading effort disguised as a great debate. We cannot cast Constitutional pearls before swine.


The Bystander said...

The dogs are now an improved lot. They have been replaced by the pigs. So the saying should now be: "This country is going to the PIGS."

the jester-in-exile said...

every time i hear the phrase "Charter Change" i wonder what it is about our constitution that makes it require so drastic a revision... as if it was a defective engine in a truck that needed a complete overhaul.

i'm no lawyer, but i'm pretty comfortable with our constitution and system of government, bar a few amendments here and there. the laws themselves, however (like that BP880), that could be another issue for me entirely.

i oppose charter change, not because i oppose GMA and want her ousted. i oppose charter change because i find no reason to revise completely the 1987 constitution....

especially if the replacement is that stupid draft they've made.

Helga said...

It's a pity, really, Bystander. I happen to love Cebu lechon, sinugba nga baboy, adobong baboy, pork chops. But this particular PIG is sure to leave a bad taste in the mouth!

Helga said...

Well, Jester, count yourself (and me) as part of the 54% that still think we don;t need a change, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey.§ion=Highlights

The percentage is down from December, but I think the growing clamor against the Palace Initiative will help bring that number up again.

the jester-in-exile said...


"The percentage is down from December, but I think the growing clamor against the Palace Initiative will help bring that number up again."

i hope the numbers translate to actual "no" votes in a plebiscite later. i had a rather interesting time telling my neighbors why signing the "petition" was a bad idea, even if (i heard but not witnessed, dammit) actual signing/bartering of goods/cash happened.

although, of course, it's kinda heartening to see how my C-D-E neighbors in the gillage where i rent my apartment are now more and more vocal in their criticisms about GMA (not so long ago, they were apathetic).

i'm hoping to be able to help in persuading them to stand for "no" in the cha-cha issue.

Tet said...

Lest the SPCMA accuse us of being unkind to the animals, let us not denigrate the dog and the pig. As Helga said, she likes the lechon from Cebu and the other one is called man's best friend. The creature we are referring to would be an insult to these animals. Why don't we refer to them and their ilk as "the Pidals". Like Gloria MakaPidal Arroyo. It means the same thing if you remove the "id".

caffeinatedpinoy said...

"In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are f*cked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely" - Hunter S. Thompson.

It's time that the various opposition groups put their acts together now. It seems that anti-GMA sentiments are gaining momentum again, what with the NYT editorial, Thaksin's resignation, the ADB bursting Gloria's deceptive economic claims, the CBCP finding their voice again, etc. The British-based Financial Times also criticized Gloria in their April 4, 2006 electoral. And even Mareng Winnie seems to have found her balls again (although she still stops short of putting the heat on GMA herself, currently content with just lambasting Puno and de Venecia.)

gabriel allon said...

You must be referring to Dinky " the pig" Soliman..The fattest of them all

And a cry baby/opportunist at that

Oink, oink, say Dinky

Oink, oink, says the Black and White movement

Helga said...

Mr. Allon, although we appreciate your visits to our blog despite your divergent views, may I remind you to keep your comments civil and refrain from stooping so low as to hurl insults of this nature. I am sure you are capable of more civilized argument. You don't have to be a cur.

gabriel allon said...

Hmm..The blog starts out by using PIG to name the governments' initiatives for Charter Change and then insults the Assumption college and its students and alumni by associating themn with this kind/method of speaking manner. So who really started the insults?

Rather than organizing these sporadic meet in Starbucks and get your picture taken which comes out as a purely photo op, why not contribute something good for the Philippines so you can be proud of your accomplishments?

Maybe pick up some trash along the Bayside so you accomplish something worthwhile (like saving the environment)

Think about it