Monday, July 28, 2008

Ramdam na Ramdam Na Ang Kahirapan

Yesterday, the Black & White Movement together with Akbayan underscored the sad state of our nation by holding a forum and soup kitchen in Bgy. Tatalon, Quezon City. We were supported by local groups MATINIKK and Tatalon Hunters Group. The women of the barangay took our donated cash and cooked "lugaw" and hard boiled eggs, enough to feed the kids in the area. Among those in attendance were Akbayan's Risa Baraquel and Etta Rosales, BnW's Dinky Soliman and family, Dodo Macasaet, Karen Tanada, Pastor Dong Cusio.

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Equalizer said...

No more Presidential elections in 2010.No more term limits for Gloria!


We will have a Prime Minister called Gloria Arroyo !

With her minions in Parliament, Gloria will fulfill her dream to extend her stay in Malacanang indefinitely.

Gloria forever!

We were already cheated in 2004.

Are we going to allow Gloria to get away with Cha Cha and extend her reign indefinitely?