Thursday, September 04, 2008


Nobody has a more sacred obligation to obey the law than those who make the law
- Sophocles

The Black & White Movement is distressed at the Supreme Court’s affirmation of its decision on executive privilege. Its decision to remain deaf to the motion for reconsideration of the Senate perpetuates the perceived conspiracy of silence within the executive branch and negates the government’s constitutional mandate of transparency and accountability. Moreover, this stifles the people’s right to get the unadulterated truth, not only from Romulo Neri, but also from any member of the present dispensation, concerning burning issues like the ZTE-NBN Deal, the Swine Scam, and Hello Garci.

We agree with the Senate that the answers to the three questions posed to Mr. Neri regarding his conversation with Mrs. Arroyo on the ZTE-NBN Deal would not “subvert crucial military or diplomatic objectives” in any way, the prerequisites for executive privilege. These answers would have provided credence to the testimony of brave Filipinos like Jun Lozada, Jarius Bondoc, Dante Madriaga, and Joey de Venecia. Instead, this unfortunate confirmation will continue to shield an illegitimate president from responsibility and allow Mr. Neri to continue hiding behind GMA’s skirt.

As the whistle blowers in the ZTE-NBN scandal live under the threat of harassment and suffer the loss of freedom, Romulo Neri basks in the presidency of the SSS, his latest gift for unbroken silence. Mr. Neri may be dancing a joyful gig, but he is dancing it on the grave of Justice. - END

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Valentin said...

Good Morning po ma`am, ako po si Velentin ngtratrabaho po sa FPA,lahat po ng pangako ni gloria ay napako simula po nang umopo siya, mararamdaman ko po sa aking paggising sa umaga na pahirap ng pahirap ang aming kalagayan, gusto ko po sanang makiisa sa inyo upang maipahatid ko ang aking saloobin, gusto ko na pong paalisin sa pwesto si gloria labandera, nawa ay makasapi ako sa inyong grupo, maraming salamat po