Thursday, July 10, 2008

7-11 @ DOTC

We continue with our Black Friday Silent Protest. For this coming Friday, the activity is dubbed as “7-11 at DOTC”.

This being 7-11-2008, we thought that we might assemble at the 7-11 store at the ground floor of DOTC, which coincidentally also houses the 7-11 Headquarter office. Then, at exactly 5:00 PM, we move to the building entrance of the DOTC where we conduct our usual Black Friday Protest Activity.

The DOTC building is located along Ortigas Ave. besides the POEA building, right across the La Salle Greenhills.

Our message for the event: “Corruption Kills!”. Remember that DOTC is the lead agency embroiled in the NBN-ZTE Scandal. It is the same agency that has oversight over commercial shipping, and its mismanagement resulted in the death of hundreds of passengers of the Sulpicio liner that sank.

Jun Lozada will be joining us in this protest action.

Plan of action:

1) Wear BLACK, preferably the "Patalsikin Na! NOW NA!" T-shirts. You can also design your own shirts with your own slogans like “Corruption Kills!” or “Remember the ZTE-NBN Scandal?”

2) Assemble at the 7-11 store at the ground floor of the DOTC building by around 4:45.

3) At exactly 5 PM, step out of the building, and gather in front of the DOTC building.

4) On cue, everybody should pose and do the "Patalsikin" sign. Take plenty of pictures we can disseminate to media.

5) On cue, disperse quietly.

Important reminders:
1) This is a SILENT PROTEST, not a rally. Please do not shout, sing, pass leaflets, or do anything to disturb the regular customers of 7-11.
2) Bring your cameras. The highlight of the protest action is the picture-taking of us doing the "patalsikin" pose

Forward this message to as many friends, relatives, colleagues, and egroups. I've also included below a brief description of the Black Friday Protest Movement, so those receiving your forwarded mail and hearing this for the first time will understand what we're trying to accomplish.

God bless,



The Black Friday Protest Movement was launched by the Black and White Movement on March 1 to give professionals, students, businessmen, and other sectors a venue to express their protest against the continuing and escalating acts of repression of the GMA administration as manifested in its series of proclamations – CPR, EO 464, and PP 1017 – all designed to curtail basic rights and oppress the people. Even after PP1017 has been lifted, the repressive measures continue.

Patterned after the flash mob concept, the Black Friday Protest calls on people to gather at a designated time and place every Friday wearing a black attire as a symbol of protest. There will be no programs or speeches. Instead, people will be given specific instructions on what to do, and the whole exercise should last about 30 minutes at most. It’s safe, non-confrontational, and within the bounds of the law, even under a repressive one like PP 1017. The mere “flash” gathering of the people is the expression of protest.

Where will people get instructions?

Details of the Black Friday Protest action for the week will be published at its blogsite – every Wednesday evening. Those who would like to receive instructions directly can also subscribe to the movement’s bulletin service by sending a blank email to

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