Thursday, July 10, 2008


BY all accounts, Corazon de la Paz tried to do her job without surrendering the keys of the SSS to the administration. The SSS as a result, has not become a political and patronage tool like the GSIS.

However, something had to give and like most everything involving this administration, what gave out was the public good. Corazon dela Paz had to go. Her caginess regarding the reasons for her departure seems to confirm rumors that she was forced out of office.

The Black & White Movement is dismayed at the appointment of Romulo Neri to the SSS. Mr. Neri’s refusal to implicate his boss has led GMA to show her gratitude by moving him around from one post to another: first from NEDA to CHED and now to the SSS. Mr. Neri must be like one of those cheerful ticks that parasitically infest cattle: happily using his silence to swindle the woman he labels as "evil" into giving him what he wants.

The other "value added" in the latest Neri-related appointment would be the momentary restoration of calm at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). It is no secret, the CHED workforce have no great love for their current commissioner. However, the agency may not be quiet for long ¬- Tessie Aquino Oreta could be assigned to the post. Throw that wrench in along with the appointments of Team Unity also-rans Tito Sotto as Dangerous Drugs czar and Mike Defensor as NAIA 3 Task Force head and you've got a president wielding her prerogative to appoint nobodies to do nothing.

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