Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tonight's Caravan for Truth and Justice stop has been moved from West Rembo, Makati, to Guadalupe Nuevo, still in Makati. The program begins at 7:30 p.m. We will have a no-frills version of Tito Pepe Pimentel's Kwarta o Kahon game.

Last night's Caravan stop in Bgy. Carmona was a succesful event. There were about 500 people in attendance. Before the main program, the audience watched several videos on the Impeachment charges. Last night's speakers included Cong. Alan Peter Cayetano, Cong. Chiz Escudero, Cong. Risa Baraquel and Mayor Jojo Binay. Apart from the Impeachment issue, Mayor Binay conducted a powerpoint presentation on Singaw ng Bayad's fraudulent gathering of signatures for PIG (People's Initiative of Gloria).

The Caravan moves to Plaza Miranda on Wednesday, Bayan takes over with a pregram at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, the boxes of evidence will be brought to the Ateneo.


Lito Banayo has a simple proposal amidst all the calls for civil disobedience. Let's keep it simple first. Read about it here.

JB Baylon tests our willingness to be good examples to our leaders by asking if we would sign waivers and allow a look-see into our bank accounts. Interesting. Will sign up!

This just in - MTRCB decides with finality to ban the showing of the Erap documentary on TV. Voting 4-1, the most glaring reason for ban is that they're afraid that video may further incense the people! Hmmm... wonder who voted against the ban. Any guesses? Anyway, this has just made the video even more controversial and a must-see!


manuelbuencamino said...


I just read in RG Cruz's blog that you're not opening the boxes.

What truth will you show to the public?

You're talking about suppressed evidence then for crissakes show the public what was suppressed!

If you won't open the boxes then call the caravan something else. Truth in advertising is a basic requirement for the truth caravan to be credible.

You are courting a pr disaster and opening yourself to ridicule by Malacanan.

Take this as a criticism
of methods not of goal or intent. You know I'm with you.

The Bystander said...


Even if we open the seven boxes, the nature of the activity (caravan) will not permit the public to fully appreciate the evidence contained therein. It's enough that our gallant pro-impeachment congressmen give a bird's eye view on the sufficiency of the impeachment complaint against Gorilla Arrovo.

manuelbuencamino said...


Ok. If you think an overview will suffice, I hope it does.

Can't you at least show your evidence on the hidden wealth? You know wealth is always something that catches the public;s imagination and there's nothing better for an audience than to be able to tell their friends and family - "Nakita ko ang ebidensya. Totoo ngang maraming nakurakot."

Helga said...

Would've replied sooner, but just finished our second Caravan stop. Manuel, although the Congs don't acutally open the boxes, they do speak of what's contained in them. They have spoken to the crowds about Piatco, Northrail, and corruption, among other things. Tonight, Teddy Casino spoke about the killings, Alan about the corruption, Joel Villanueva handled betrayal of public trust.

But there are some peices of evidence that cannot be revealed this way, like certain witnesses who fear for their lives.

Bystander's right, the volume of evidence can be too much to handle in one night's stay on the stage. Opening them could be viewed only as theatrics. What I did appreciate on both nights is that the audiences listened intently to each speaker. They seemed satisfied with what was presented. We showed videos on the evidence and they watched intently.

On the hidden wealth, Alan has shown pictures of the houses and buildings in the States. And because of the evidence, the Fat Guy flew all the way to Germany. When he got to the bank, it was a non-working holiday. But lo and behold, the bank opened its doors to him and his lawyer, the bank manger ushered them into their boardroom with much ceremony. Now, isn't that how a bank would treat one of their most important depositors?

manuelbuencamino said...

I didn't know you had visuals. Akala ko puro speech lang. Pasensya na kayo. I guess I should have attended your rally before commenting.

Helga said...

:-> No need to apologize, MB! But when we have the next one, will let you know. Today's caravan stop is Plaza Miranda, it'll be handled by Bayan. Not sure about their program, but am certain they'll speak about the charges.

cory* said...

Great job you're doing, guys!
Keep up the good work!

May the small battles you are all doing now lead to winning the war!


schumey said...


Kudos to you. I hope I can attend even just one of your caravans but my schedule prevents me from doing so. I hope my prayers will be enough contribution to "our" cause.

john marzan said...

have you read this, helga?