Monday, August 14, 2006

Evidence, Anyone?

In any difficult journey, staying on course is paramount. We are on a journey to the Truth and a return to normalcy via the Impeachment Complaint against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Today, Complainants, Endorsers and pro-Impeachment Congressmen presented seven boxes that are chock-full of evidence to drive home the point that it is time to remove our blinders so that everyone, most especially the anti-Impeachment majority, can "move on" without bumping into barriers that hinder our progress.

Tomorrow, the House Committee on Justice will tackle the "substance" question. Well, how can the Justice Committee judge the Impeachment Complaint as either sufficient or insufficient in substance without studying each of the charges contained in the Complaint as well as the accompanying evidence? Aren't they even a tad curious about the evidence we may have? Aren't you?

What's in the boxes? Tons of good stuff! There are records of, and a paper trail leading to, multi-billion peso bank accounts, and eyewitness testimony in audio tape and video form. Regarding electoral fraud, there is visual evidence like election paraphernalia, photographs, videos, sworn statements by individuals directly involved in cheating. There is documentary and testimonial evidence on politial repression, extrajudicial killings, and enforced disappearances. There is much more.

Nogie Boy can only say this a "cheap gimmick". He says the move has no probative value. How can he say that without even taking a peek? Is he as paranoid and afraid as his political mistress, Gloria?

We say open these boxes, compare the evidence against the charges. We say transmit the Impeachment Complaint to the Senate so that the evidence may be proven or refuted under oath, not in other environments like forums, TV shows or the street.

Gloria said she was game for a fight. She said she could defend herself. Yet Gloria hides behind these men and women in the House, allegedly buying their protection through bribery. Nini Quezon Avancena is right. Gloria and her lackeys must be very afraid indeed.


schumey said...

Maybe its high time we show the wrath of the people. These clowns never learn. Arrogance and abuse of powers usually leads to expulsion. Whether impeachment is a political exercise is not the point, accountability is what we want.

Helga said...

First off, schumey, thank you for sending the letters to your friends. Like you, I pray they'll take the time to write.

Secondly, although I share your anger and frustration, I'm more terrified at the possibility that people really don't care anymore. For as long as their comfort zones aren't infringed, they won't do a thing. We've been screaming accountability for over a year, but the Filipino seems to answer, "Hey, why do I have to bother holding anyone accountable when all my time's spent working, rearing my kids, going to church, partying on a weekend. But don't worry, I feel for you. You guys go ahead and fight the good fight for us and we'll wait till you reap our reward." Yeah sure. Selfishness and apathy are bedmates, terrible Filipino values.

How I wish they could meet people like Dan, Alma, Jose and Vangie. They live in Montalban, grouped under the faceless term "urban poor". They are so out of their comfort zone as convenors of BnW Katipunan. They could spend their time earning a meager living for their kids, and they do, but they're also right there with us, in Congress, the street, Baywalk. Why? Because they demand accountability. They know they've a right to good governance.

manuelbuencamino said...

We know the truth. Justice is what we're looking for.

softly said...

Woe to us as a country and people if the likes of Villafuerte, Antonino, Libanan, Baterina, Datumanong, and Puentebella, get elected again in the 2007 election. These congressmen are so confident that they will not be held accountable for what they are doing hence their blatant disregard to the clamor for truth and justice.

Helga said...

Would've replied sooner if today's hearing hadn't lasted so long. Did any of you suffer through today's coverage on ANC? A couple of things stood out - the pro-impeachment Reps' arguments were well rooted and held the moral high ground, while the Gloria Boys (I found out later) read from prepared speeches that contained absolutely nothing of substance. Every time Marcoleta walked by I was gripped by the strong urge to rip off the rug from his head.

After a few more speakers complete the "debate" tomorrow, the Committee on Justice will probably "kill" our Complaint by declaring it as lacking in substance.

There goes our stab at getting some justice, Manuel. For now, at least. Knowing that we get another chance next year is what's keeping me from breaking down and crying my eyes out.

schumey said...

They're really cooking something up as Singaw ng Bangaw plans to file a petition before the COMELEC any day now. They don't really want to hold any election ever. We have to be very vigilant now.

And yes, I squirm at every word uttered by the clowns in the majority. I don't think people don't care. They are just waiting for the right moment to make their move. We have seen the surveys and the administration might be to complacent with the actions they take.

softly said...

I don't even bother to listen to what the majority has to say. I put my TV on mute whenever I see them on TV. There is no more decency in congress all we have are Tongressmen. This all boils down to money. I cried due to my frustration. We must see to it that these Tongressmen don't get re-elected, at least let's have an all opposition winners even in NCR.What I am seeing is a parallelism of what happened in the 70s with what is happening right now. I hope that our students will rise up and fight for this country as we did in the 70s.

The Bystander said...

It seems holding Gloria Arroyo accountable is close to impossible. The junking of the impeachment complaint for insufficiency of substance will all the more embolden this government to continue with its cheating,lying, stealing and now KILLING!

But let us not despair. There will be a day of reckoning.