Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coming to a Barangay Near You!


cory* said...

I think BRINGING the "KAHON" [proof] to the masses is a great idea. Some folks, especially in the provinces do not know the REAL score. They just rely on what the Barangay Captain says....and we all know that most of these are arms of the dirty tricks department of the evil one!

Rest assured that my prayers are with you. I know that the majority of the populace rally behind you,
but cannot be with you for some reasons beyond their control. I find myself in the same situation.
I am with you in spirit.....

God Bless, one and all!

manuelbuencamino said...

This will be a great oppotunity to distribute those toilet papers I told you about.

Helga said...

Researched on this, Manuel. Special toilet paper like that is apparently expensive to make, but if we did it stamp pad style, it would be cheaper but labor intensive. Wish I knew someone at Kimberley Clark, or a similar company. :->

Thanks, cory* by the sea. Will look forward to counting you among the hordes on the streets. Soon, I hope.