Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hodge Podge

Here are some stories, scuttlebutt, to mull over:
  • Two Citizen Complainants to the Impeachment of Gloria Arroyo are being harassed: Gus Lagman, Black & White co-convenor and past president of Information Technology Foundation of the Philippines (ITFP), is being sued by Mega Pacific over those dastardly counting machines. Read here. Meanwhile, Josie Lichauco is being badgered by Philippine Agila Satellite Inc. over a complaint they lodged that was dismissed years ago. Ate Glue must be fuming over Josie's recent remarks about her. Que horror!
  • The state of Gloria's health - Chiz Escudero wants to know, so do all the rest of us. Is Ate Glue over dramatizing her state of health by running to St. Luke's every time her tummy rumbles or her nose runs? Or is there something more to these emergencies than meets the eye? When most of us get the runs, we take our Immodium, call it a day. When most of us get the 'flu, we take our paracetamol, sleep it off at home. There's a text making the rounds that says she's afflicted with something more serious. Hmmm... The Palace has a fully equipped clinic. PGH is closer to Malacanang, it's a government hospital. Why doesn't she go there? Is it because she knows that it's not as well-equipped as private hospitals? Tsk, tsk, tsk. She should pay more attention to improving PGH than to printing millions of Philhealth cards with hard-earned OFW contributions to OWWA to bribe our urban poor.
  • Check out Singaw's website (thanks, MLQ3), it's too funny! This page tells us all about who they are and what they're about. Take note, they scream "this nation will be great again"! Shudder. Shades of Marcosian wisdom. And they want to free us from "authocracy". What in heck's "authocracy"? Shudder again. Boyoboy, their copy writers must be working for our side. Come on, guys, 'fess up! First, they describe themselves as hordes of devils, now this.
  • Hold on, here's one more! Click on this, scroll down to the question, "And who are these people who have put up so much cash for One Voice’s cause?". Read the answer. They still don't get it.
  • Regarding Joc Joc Bolante - hearing ugly rumors that the rotund member (isn't he the Treasurer?) of Rotary Club International and erstwhile member of the present regime was detained due to a very large amount of money found on his person at LAX. Visitors to the US are not allowed to bring in more than US$10,000 in undeclared funds. That's either cash or any other financial instrument like bonds, treasury bills. Now, how much do you think he could've been caught with? If the rumor's true, that is.


manuelbuencamino said...

Asking us to read the Lambino autobiography was downright nasty of you.

Why did you want us to watch a grown man fondle himself in public?

I'm sorry but I didn't stay until the last sentence. I was not interested to see how he would finish-off.

Helga said...

Sorry, can't help that his inadequacies are so glaring.

But wait! You missed the part when paMELAwella towels him off! Bugger, who'd wanna see that anyway?


Those OFW's are afraid to go back to the Philippines because they know that our country is still suffering from deep poverty. Such poverty is complicated by an incompetent presidency! Why incompetent presidency? Because Mrs. Arroyo can't even prove in an honest way that her presidency is a legitimate one..... Also, her regime doesn't work enough to stop the senseless human-rights' violations committed by suspected police officers or soldiers. The judiciary in our country is too weak to probe on such human-rights' violations. What the Filipinos have right now is a "low-intensity martial rule" that curtails certain civil liberties, so that those who are in power that have "credibility problems" can remain in political power as long as they want to.....


Democracy is natural, universal and moral for all human beings of this world. The Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region deserve democracy. Terrorism is immoral. The UK, the U.S.A. and Israel should support the peaceful and lawful democratization of this whole world. All the Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region should respect and recognize Israel's sovereignty. All the Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region should respect and recognize the right of Israel to exist as a nation in this world.

cesar umali said...

1. What makes a good president for the Philippines
2. Integrity of the heart – he must have a high accountability and at the foremost to be a righteous leader, with high track record of excellence without blemish or reproach, and with reverend fear of God. Preferably a Christian with high moral principles in obedience to the word of God, seeking divine guidance in his decisions and actions. As no leader is immune to mistakes, he must be willing to accept his mistakes and say the buck stops here, but be flexible to learn from his mistake and bounce back the nation to normalcy. He must nor prevaricate or deceive people to believing lies and must be straightforward, honest and compassionate.He must not be above the Law and be able to execute the law without fear or favor. Example Abraham Lincoln or George Washington
3. Good example with exemplary traits for leadership – he must be able to guide, influence and motivate those under his command, with a high trait of humility, gentleness, and selfless love for his fellowmen without seeking for self aggrandizement, self enrichment and self praise. Must not be too young or too old to lead the nation, without need for on the job training because of his experience in governance and management, he will be able to bank from his long experience in governance to guide and lead the nation successfully. He must be physically fit without sickness or ill health, with a high grade of wisdom not necessarily the kind of intelligence which can deceive, but godly wisdom that spells the right way for the country in all his actions, speech and deed. Example Lee kuan yew
4. High motivation to succeed and achieve his goals – with a high sense for attainment and achievement, he must have the vision and mission to lead the country from poverty to abundance, from illiteracy to high fulfillment in education, from want to prosperity from crime to peace and order from lackadaisical performance to prominence in the world of defense, politics, finance and food abundance. Example Ronald Reagan

5. Father image for the nation – As the Philippines has no monarchy like Thailand or England to unite the nation, as it is regionally diverse in language, politics, religion, traditions and culture, we need a head of the nation with the image of a Father who can unite the nation to follow and obey the president in cases of emergency so that we lessen the squabble, politics, crime, disunity and disorder which have long been the prime reason that has delayed and deteriorated the quality of life in the country. Preferably he must be male, because the female gender not discriminating against, but the male is more stable in his ways, as the female always changes her mind, this causes confusion and dissent and disunity Example Mahatma Gandhi
6. Divine anointing – lastly he must be anointed by the Creator and Divine providence who guides and directs everything on earth. Without His consent, no sparrow falls and dies. In order for our nation to succeed, we need the guidance and wisdom from above and this is what the quality of our leadership needs
7. Cesar Santos Umali,MNSA class 32