Monday, August 07, 2006

An Appeal to the Justice Committee

Today is the eve of the House Committee on Justice's first hearing on this year's Impeachment. A few of the lead Complainants held a press conference today to accomplish two things. The first was to ask for a fair and impartial hearing on the form and substance of this year's Complaint.

The second was to ask members of the Justice Committee that received millions from the Fertilizer Scam Fund, one of the major charges included in the Complaint, to inhibit themselves from the hearings. This is only right and just, as these Representatives have a clear conflict of interest. Would it not be in their best interest to junk the Complaint instead of giving a chance? Here are those Representatives as listed in the COA Report:
  1. House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr.
  2. Emilio Espinosa Jr.
  3. Gerry Salapudin
  4. Eric Singson
  5. Artur Defensor
  6. Fred Castro
  7. Oscar Gozos
  8. Abraham Kahlil Mitra
  9. Hussin Amin
  10. Salacnib Baterina
  11. Marcelino Libanan
  12. Isidro Real Jr.
  13. Roque Ablan Jr.
  14. Abdullah Dimaporo
  15. Aurelio Umali
  16. Constantino Jaraula
  17. Benasing Macarambon Jr.
  18. Edgar Chatto
  19. Augusto Baculio
  20. Reynaldo Uy
  21. Eladio Jala
  22. Monico Puentebella
  23. Faysah Maniri Racman Dumarpa
  24. Eufrocino Codilla
  25. Laurence Wacnang
  26. Belma Cabilao
  27. Felix Alferor Jr.
  28. Luis Villafuerte

For more details on our press conference, please read here.

An interesting development after our press conference - the House Deputy Secretary General announced to media that coverage of the Justice Committee hearings would be restricted.


Artemio de la Cruz said...

Ilocos Sur Rep. Salacnib Baterina has lot of explaining to do why DEAD FARMERS in Magsingal, Ilocos Sur were recipients of Ginintuang Masaganang Ani (GMA) fertilizer program. Is there any investigation conducted? Is he involved or have direct knowledge in the fabrication of COA documents? Of course, Rep. Salabnib Baterina denied receiving P3 million from the fertilizer fund. Public denial in mass media is not enough justification.

Rep. Baterina was a victim of electoral fraud several times in his political career. Defeated governorial candidate Salacnib Baterina had a first hand experience of electoral fraud such as destroyed election returns, material defects in the election returns, tampered or falsified election returns and discrepancies in election returns. He lost to Chavit’s older brother Governor Titong Singson. One of the complaints against Mrs. Gloria Arroyo is electoral fraud-Hello Garci political scandal. The wholesale switching of pre - fabricated election forms was done Ilocos Sur province in favor of Gloria Arroyo care of EDSA DOS hero Chavit Singson. Is he following his conscience? Why he is defending a bogus president? Most likely he is just following the “order” of his big boss Ilocos Sur warlord Luis Chavit Singson.

Rep. Salacnib Baterina should protect the interests of the Filipino people. He should support the impeachment complaint against illegitimate President Gloria Arroyo. The name Salacnib is equivalent to shield or protect in Ilocano language.

Fertilizer Scam

Helga said...

Thank you for the insight, Artemio. Gotta admit it can be hard to see into a person's heart and uncover one's true agenda. But what is clear for all to see is this - if you are pro-impeachment, you don't get the CDF you need to fund district projects; if you're anti-impeachment, Gloria makes sure you get your funds and more. That's hard to fight, especially for us, Complainants that don't have the money or power to persuade.

We can only lobby with our statements and entreaties for these Reps to lead us to the truth about all the allegations oflying, cheating, and stealing.