Thursday, December 01, 2005

I AM SORRY - The Better Version

It is the morning after "Gabi ng KaBAYANIhan". Although we hoped for his cooperation, VP de Castro has decided to cast his lot with GMA. It's a shame, he could've been our turn-around president and left a great legacy of reform. Which brings me to think about what really resides in the hearts of folks that run for public office.

Speaking of heart, and about speaking from the heart, here's a letter of apology from David Martinez which was received via email. Read on...

To All Younger Than Me:

I could have screamed to the high heavens when I saw with my own eyes a political convention in my city brazenly manipulated by a congressman-uncle of mine. I didn't. I was daunted. I could have turned in a cousin who had an illegal electrical connection to his home which bypassed the meter. I didn't. It would have split the clan. I could have paid the right taxes on the income I made running a photography studio to support myself while in law school. I didn't. I thought that since virtually everybody cheated on their returns, so could I. I could have made a big deal of it when I stumbled on our governor utilizing prison labor for his private benefit. I didn't. He was a good friend of my father's. I could have declined defending and obtaining the acquittal of a senator's son charged with illegal possession of firearms. I didn't. I needed to earn the senator's gratitude, even at the expense of my integrity. I could have raised hell against the rampant illegal logging going on in southern Negros. I didn't. The rape benefited my wife's extended family.

In America, resisting the martial law regime, I could have exposed the stunning duplicity and self-interest that characterized the motives of many in our exile leadership. I didn't. I feared becoming ostracized. It was so much easier to play it safe. To be silent. Even when I knew that our moral values ere no better than those of the people we opposed. Even though I knew that many resisted Marcos solely because they wanted to replace him.

Now as I approach the sunset of my years I make amends. To all younger than myself, I ask you to accept my deep remorse. If the solemn, unwritten task of each generation is to leave this world in better shape for the young than when they first found it, we've accomplished the exact opposite. By design or inaction we've bled the country dry. We've poisoned its rivers, destroyed its coastlines, uprooted its forests, and polluted its air. We've plundered its resources, bequeathing you a barren wasteland. We've politicized the military, nourished a communist rebellion and a separatist campaign, elevated corruption into an art form, and institutionalized an oligarchy in the guise of a democracy. If we didn't actively participate in promoting injustice, we turned a blind eye to it. We embraced the dog-eat-dog, every-man-for-himself concept as though it were a teaching from Heaven itself. We sanctified the greed of the few in favor of the need of the many. We've managed in the span of one generation to destroy your most precious God-given gift: hope. Because I was party to this merciless conspiracy, if it's pardonable in any way, I seek your forgiveness.

Some of us -- a pitiful few of us -- realizing the true extent of our collective sins, have dedicated the rest of our lives to making amends. Even though we know that nothing we can do will restore Paradise Lost. However awash in guilt and sincere in repentance, we know that we haven't the time. All we can hope for by this humble attempt at rehabilitating ourselves is to minimize the spite our generation has earned so well. So exceedingly well. All we can do, when we're gone, is beg you not to spit on our graves.


RPascualMD said...

Doing the right thing can be extremely difficult, but that is the challenge we face. Shall we prove our mettle and moral pedigree by sticking to the right principles or shall we succumb to corruption too?

How I wish I can say that I have never been wrong. Some will say that is impossible for we are only human. I call that a sorry excuse.

To David Martinez, I share your remorse. May our amends come sooner than late.

Helga said...

Rpascualmd, well said. Being human also means that we have the power of choice. We have the right to make them, whether correct or not. The difficulty, I think, is in sticking to the path that choice takes you on. It all depends on what you're made of, for sure.

As to Mr. Martinez's choice of a better late than never apology, I received an email reply from a friend who shares a different point of view that reads "i find it pretty distasteful that someone who spent an entire lifetime benefitting from the system thinks that an "apology" would totally cleanse him of a past full of transgressions. if he were truly sincere why won't he just submit himself to the justice system and pay for his crimes the way all other underprivileged citizens in this country have to? instead he issues an apology obviously aimed to earn the sympathy of his fellow county-clubbers... well, hoo-ha for him and his ilk i say. asking forgiveness is such a facile way of pretending self-exculpation. well, granting forgiveness should never be as facile. hmph".

Interesting how we can read the same letter and have diverse reactions to it.

The Public Thing said...

David’s letter is a wake call to us but I’m waiting for Tita Remy and her propos.

Remy is right in her opinion, that GMAs resignation is not the solution. But her idea, lacking a thorough understanding of our monumental problems, disregarded the fact that her continued stay is also the part of the problem that makes us all dysfunctional.

What is critical to mind of others, including Remy and like GMA, who often used a wrong metaphor in a very wrong situation, “Who is without sin, let him first cast a stone.”

Remy and or GMA would want to emphasize in public that we desire to seek fault of her while neglecting to examine the sins of our lives—but what is GMAs sin compared to our sins?

What is the importance of being a leader than being a follower? While it is true, the word of God tell us to admonish one another, to love one another for what purpose does it serve if our admonishment was not done in love?

The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman taken in that was caught while committing adultery, but they themselves do have an evil purpose, and that is to temp Jesus and look on something that might accuse him of and as Law of Moses commanded them that such should be stoned.

But it also accords to their law, which the man in adultery must also be brought for them to be stoned. Jesus didn’t buy it but instead dwell into the sinful minds of his accusers, and the reason why his father sent him amongst us – being sinners.

God send his only begotten son to change the way we see our world and our existence, he never sent his son to change our laws or of Moses but to believe in him, his love and his true commandment to be followed.

To this day, man continuously defined and created laws for us to live in harmony, to have peace and so we cannot judge another without due process and without casting the first stone like in the past.

And if we are motivated in finding justice and truth for everymen by anything other than love, then we are truly not being led of the spirit of the Lord, but are only seeking to fulfill the will of our flesh.

We the people, who’s asking for GMAs resignation has nothing to do with their politics or any of their selfish interest, we have more to lose than to gain from fighting this cause and it is this kind processes that had been robbed from us to ascertain the truth when people rise and fight for themselves.

If GMA should be protected by Gods mercy and love when she disregarded the interest of truth by bribing Congress, by lying to his people, by disobeying the commandments of god, I don’t know if what kind of people we are then in asking for her resignation.

You still around Tita Dear?

Lovingly yours, Tita Remy said...


You all are hungry for reform.
We also are.
That's why our leaders our working harder. But everything you look at is their mistakes. What's a mistake if one has already learned from it? There's a bright future ahead. Not only do local analysts say that but foreigners also do, too. Those investors who are waiting to invest here have good forecasts for our economy.
Is that what a cheater does?
Definitely not.

The Public Thing said...

I am not trying to be an arrogant or feeling of a learned person, but I can only tell at the first stroke at your keyboards that you’ve learn your idea of economic recovery were spread by those spin doctors in Malacanang – you gave me a forecast of economy and analysis of handful of foreign investors.

It’s not real and it doesn’t help.

The fundamentals in recovery and economic success can only be gauge when investments are growing and in large amounts, our domestic investments were at 0.2 percent, just as the same as last year.

I don’t know where you are?

Unemployment, which is based on official statistics, is at 11.7 percent at first half of 2000, a year after her ascendancy at office (please don’t give me an impression that I belong to Estrada’s camp as your “we-you-them” argument is very clear) it worsened at 12.1 percent the first quarter 2005.

Wheres the million job a year?

The roadmap to an economic recovery could have been implemented since 2001 but not until the eleven economic professors in University of the Philippines sounded the alarm of an Argentina like crisis last year.

The GMA administration then panicked and rushed the implementation of EVAT, and that in my own view, it will clearly hurt the poor, but GMA has to make a drastic decision and I agree with her. Not that I liked her or her governance but it is the only way to save the country from collapse.

Is that your idea of working harder?

Back then, we look for any slight evidence or signs of any election frauds, now that an evidence is as clear as the sun, we tend to ignore the facts and twist our moral belief to protect the welfare of the few.

With or without GMA, our economy is set to deteriorate if it wasn’t wisely governed and corruption should continue to thrive. Our humongous debts are only being paid by re-acquiring new loans.

And there are more for me tell wanst worth it.

We are here not look for any mistakes but to remind those who are in power that they have serious responsibility to bring the country to its due course.

Am so sorry but I have more stuff to do than discussing things of national importance to some people who didn’t even know what kind of mess we are into but has the temerity to lecture us here on mundane matters.

Lovingly yours, Tita Remy said...

Will you please stop showing me OLD statistics.

We have new ones.

And they definitely show us that our government's hard work has paid off.

The Public Thing said...

As you insist and for the sake of the argument.

GMAs administration were buffeted by a number of shocks (to include the Garci tapes, the corruption and election frauds) and under those conditions, the economic growth (take note that since you didn’t specify which statistics we are talking about) of 6 percent last year declined to 4.7 the first quarter of this year, although it has exhibited considerable resiliency, and as basis of those analyst and economic forecast of foreign investors, those factors were less attributed to GMAs initiative and governance but to the strong inflows of remittances from OFWs.

The development priorities of GMA administration, having scarce resources mostly brought to private accounts by crooks, didn’t have the right structures to attain social and economic reforms that can bring sustainable growth.

Being a non-economist, economic gains should primarily be gauged through growth paths that can likely reduce poverty and successfully direct them to the poor to enhance their participation in nation building – and in case you haven’t noticed, am talking about equity.

Moreover, our public debt ratio should at least be considerably (or understandably) near to our gross domestic products in order to determine any economic gains, but per statistics, it still remains high.

We are still trap in vicious circle without reliable long-term goals to reduce inequalities.

As much as I wanted to explain more to you, as we even didn’t see any credible statistics from you (might be better if you can present some- you cannot just tell us here, hey there’s a new one now and you have the old one), I don’t really see where was the hard work of GMA administration that you’re talking about?

Did you forgot all those gallivanting years of the administration and before 2004 when the policy reforms (until to the full implementation) weren’t initiated yet?

Better if you can put yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself on whom do you really fight for? For crying out loud, you don’t just come here and tell us stories only about this and that.

Lovingly yours, Tita Remy said...

Nor can you tell me WHO is the BETTER alternative.

Helga said...

For the sake of argument, tita remy - when Gloria was installed as president during EDSA2, did you think she was the "better alternative"? What made you think you knew her, who she really was? And why, if I am to infer correctly that you see no "better alternative", do you think Noli de Castro is not? Do you also know him, who he really is, if he is capable or not?

The Public Thing said...

I could not describe if what kind of attitude our society and thy people really has, on what kind of values we do have.

Look at you Remy, you yourself did provide us a window to what do you really believe in, on what kind of person you are, you use the word of god and distort its meaning, you talk of governance and economic achievements but all you can tell is just this and that, without nothing to prove, without nothing to say when confronted.

You just jump from one conclusion to another if your trapped, playing ignorant, or maybe so you really are.

But the one that disturbs me, is that you’re so eager and openly accuse people and treat them as a waste just because of some cause, and for you, a mere nuisance and one who destroys the harmony and peace of whoever is in power.

Not only you make a mockery of yourself but also those of people you are trying to defend and protect, no wonder you hide in anonymity. No wonder you can never face the truth, what it is there to fear if you fight for the government?

Fall in line Remy, just like everybody else and never to open your mouth if you don’t know the real reason on why we are deeply divided and fragmented, on why we really never moved forward.

If I will rule that country of yours, you will belong to a place where you can learn discipline and the true meaning of nation-first-above-all.

You continue to paint a rosy picture of a bush that is full of wilting flowers for your principal, for surely, you wont understand the next word I am about to say.

Even, don’t ask me of who will be the better alternative; it is like your asking that the people and our Constitution didn’t really exist.

It would take you more than that Remy to question me things about economy and governance. Just want to let you know, that am half of your age – you’re talking to a new breed from a new generation, yours is lost, confused and corrupted, and I will make sure that it will die along with others who continues to bring us down into quagmire.