Monday, November 28, 2005

WANTED: Magiting at Marangal na Pilipino

Below is an invitation from the Black & White Movement to all those interested in recovering our honor as Filipinos and getting to the truth:

Sa lahat ng mamamayan na gustong iwasto ang panloloko sa bayan, magsama-sama tayo sa November 30, Gabi ng KaBAYANIhan, 7:00 P.M. sa La Salle Greenhills Gym, Mandaluyong.

Sino pa ang aasahan nating magligtas sa bayang naliligaw dahil walang tunay na namumuno?

Hindi ba dapat manindigan na si Vice President Noli de Castro, ang itinakda ng Konstitusyon bilang taga-halili sa Presidenteng hindi na makapaglingkod?

Hindi ba dapat magpaliwanag na si Commissioner Garcillano sa naging papel niya sa diumanong pandaraya noong eleksiyon? Dito lamang niya malilinis ang kanyang pangalan at baka sakaling maisalba ang kanyang karangalan.

Di ba dapat sa ating sarili na lamang tayo umasa? Ipamukha natin na hindi natin tatanggapin at tatangkilikin ang isang huwad na Pangulo.

Sigaw ng Pilipinas: Lahat tayo may dugong Bayani!
0917.88GARCI (Hello Garci? Magpaka-bayani ka!)

Expected to speak at this event are former Secretary of Education Butch Abad, Rep. Gilbert Remulla, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, among others. There will be a prayer concert as well as performances from Noel Cabangon, Cynthia Alexander, Cookie Chua, and Silent Sanctuary.

Please wear black and white.


The Public Thing said...

I will send some of my good’ol friends in there to share our cause, good luck people and fight well.

Lovingly yours, Tita Remy said...

here's a thing. You guys are just wasting our time politicking and doing no good to our country. apparently, your political agenda has been affecting our nation negatively. let's say gloria may have cheated. but is that it? is this what filipinos should be thinking about? is this what filipinos want in the news? of course not! there are lots of good news out there like the SEA games, the peso, the oil price rollbacks, and the growth in tourism. please don't cover up these worthwhile stories. with that thing you're doing, you're making things worse. if all u want is gloria to resign, that's not the solution. as christ said himself that whoever is without sin can cast the first stone. that's the point of forgiveness and moving on.

The jobs filipinos should've gotten are gone. that's because of the political noise miss colored-strands-of-hair woman and her gang called the hyatt ten (mr. trump should take note of this group which took the copyrighted name of his hotel chain) made which scared away our investors.

I now you're not stupid. You're just trying to help (i hope).

think about it.

The Public Thing said...

Make sure you really know what youre talking about Remy for I can cast the first stone. I have all day to tell you things about economy, governance and lies under the banner of your heaven.

RPascualMD said...

Tita Remy says: "if all u want is gloria to resign, that's not the solution." I have ofen heard this comment sometimes in various forms. I'm surprised people like her do not see the "fallacy of the perfect solution". This is like saying washing your hands will not totally prevent diseases so why bother? Much as I want to condemn people like tita remy for contributing to the sorry mess we are in now, I really do not know much about her. Is she saying this out of sincere adherence to principles or out of ignorance or perhaps some other reason?