Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Magic Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen! It's Magic Time! Observe the play of smoke and mirrors. Erstwhile Comelec Commissioner Garcillano has appeared out of nowhere and is finally in Manila to testify in the Lower House. Just to make the Magic Show that is Gloriagate even more stupefying, Garci, through his lawyer, is trying to cloud the Truth via another obfuscation trick - bringing other politicians into the show. Inq7 Breaking News reports his lawyer alleges that over 20 solons called Garcillano around election time, some of them prominent oppostion Representatives.

By all means, if there is evidence that any of the newly accused may have cheated in the last election, then bring it out, bring it on. But let's not lose focus on what got us into this mess in the first place. Magicians rely on mis-direction when performing their tricks, so beware of being led away from the matter at hand. The real circus stars are the tightrope walker (GMA) and the magician (Garci) - they will have to prove that the tapes are fake, that they never connived to assure a GMA win, that they never betrayed the Filipino people, among so many other things. Theirs is a much bigger show than the side shows the Palace magicians are trying to foist on us.

Filipinos are well known to be discriminating. We love a good show. On the other hand, we always seem to know when we've been tricked into watching bad performances. These days I'm not too sure anymore. It seems that as a national audience we have been hypnotized. Whatever happened to the folks that normally demand a refund after watching a badly produced show? Have we lost our ability to see through the fakery? Have we been lulled into the acceptance of bad taste?

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