Friday, December 09, 2005


A bit of truth a day, moves us on our way...

Hello? Is that you, Garci?

"We validated the voices on the tape: former COMELEC Chairman Christian Monsod and several other COMELEC staff and officials identified Garcillano's voice and validated the context of conversations. xxxx

"Independent verification confirming the authenticity of the recording was made by two internationally reputable voice experts, who identified the voices as those of the President and Garcillano by comparing the recordings and voice samples submitted to them. These experts also say the recording had not been spliced or tampered with."

-PCIJ, in I-report Special Edition, "The Queens' Gambits", page 36

"I can't make sure that it's my voice."

-former COMELEC Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, testifying at a hearing of the House of Representatives, December 7, 2005

*Truth Bites is an attempt to remind all of us about the truths that remain uncovered.

**By the Citizens for Truth and Resignation, Impeachment or Ouster (C4T) and the Black and White Movement (BnW)

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