Monday, November 07, 2005

Our Ideas for the First 100 Days After Gloria

A First 100 Days Agenda


• New government must survive and reform: neutralize forces against change, enable reformers to seize initiative, and hold opportunistic politicians and rent-seeking economic interests at bay.
• Need to generate a cadre of competent, trustworthy, and reform-oriented leaders to take charge during the critical period.
• Middle forces must know how to engage new government and, at the same time, initiate/support self-development programs for and with the marginalized.
• We cannot afford to repeat mistakes and shortcomings of past or miss opportunities for real change.


• Not only a change of leadership and administration but substantial institutional, political, economic, and social reforms.
• Prospects for far-reaching reforms depend on:
• Circumstances (e.g., simple succession vs. people power) under which new government comes to power, and
• Latitude (e.g., time, power) given new government to govern and introduce reforms.
• Need to revisit this exercise once consensus is reached on how new government is to be installed.
• We must not leave government to the bureaucrats and politics to the politicians.

1st – Stabilize the Political Situation

• Neutralize forces against change.
• Secure/sustain support of military and police:
• Restore promotions and reward systems in the AFP and PNP.
• Declare commitment to improve welfare of the rank and file.
• Consolidate broad anti-GMA forces behind new leadership and First 100 Days Agenda.
• Reconstitute peace panels and jumpstart peace negotiations with CPP-NPA-NDF, MILF, RPMP-PRA, and RPMM-RPA.
• Push reform elements to seize initiative in new government and hold opportunistic politicians and rent-seeking economic interests at bay.

2nd - Institute Zero Tolerance for Graft and Corruption and Restore Good and Effective Governance

• Replace GMA subalterns in key revenue, security, and service agencies immediately.
• Constitute a credible search committee and appoint and/or promote competent, honest, and committed individuals in these offices.
• Uphold transparency, accountability, efficiency, responsiveness, citizen participation, and predictability as standards for good governance.
• Institute system of performance contracts in the Cabinet.
• Fast track prosecution of celebrated graft cases (e.g., Gen. Garcia’s case, US$2M Perez bribery case, P723M fertilizer scam).
• Suspend and review questionable contracts (e.g. North Rail Project).
• Ensure delivery of priority services for the poor in health, education, housing, livelihood, social welfare, employment generation, and asset reform.

3rd-Demonstrate Pro-Poor Commitment and Address Needs of the Middle Class

• Implement focused subsidies (e.g., food, medicines and energy) for urban and rural poor to mitigate effects of E-VAT.
• Exempt minimum wage earners from income tax.
• Lower withholding taxes for fixed income earners.
• Implement development programs for marginal farmers, municipal fishers, indigenous people, urban poor, and labor.

4th - Restore Fiscal Health and Keep Economic House in Order

• Appoint an experienced, competent, and credible economic management team.
• Lead by example: Implement genuine austerity measures starting with the OP and Executive Branch.
• Renew tax administration and collection improvement campaign.
• Pursue computerization.
• Implement lateral attrition law.
• Plug leakages in tax collection.
• Prosecute high-profile tax-evaders and smugglers through “Run After Tax Evaders” (RATE) campaign relentlessly.
• Subject all government officials to lifestyle checks.
• Formulate a new debt management policy emphasizing write-off of odious debts through creative negotiations/debt swaps.

5th - Lay the Basis for Sustained Reform

• Appoint competent, trustworthy and reform-oriented personalities and sectoral leaders to key government posts.
• Establish institutional mechanisms (e.g., expanded LEDAC and DBCC) to allow sectoral, business and civil society leaders and groups to participate meaningfully in government decision-making.
• Prepare for orderly, peaceful, and meaningful elections.
• Prosecute Kilosbayan case vs. COMELEC commissioners filed with the Ombudsman immediately.
• Revamp COMELEC and appoint competent, honest, and non-partisan commissioners.
• Clean up voters’ lists.
• Begin automation/modernization of electoral process.
• Investigate wiretapping and 2004 presidential election cheating, including involvement of military.
• Declare commitment to charter change through a Constitutional Convention.


Anonymous said...

huh? anong 8 point bla bla? you just basically repeated what every stupid politician says during election time.
your ideas for the 1st 100 days?
I dont like gloria, i certainly did not vote for her (voted for rocco) but mas ayoko sa inyo. (not the black and white movement per se, but what it stands for, the whole collective opposition that has no credibility)
dont you guys get it? yes the people think that maybe she did cheat, but anong choice nila? go with the opposition na hindi alam kung ano tlaga ang gusto? the opposition only agrees on one thing and that is that glo should resign (and i agree to). fine and then what, now this is where it gets tricky, kanya kanyang campo having their own ideas.
another thing, sino ba tong opposition? well you have figure head like cory ,probably the most inept president we ever had

bla bla bla
'll continue my rant some other day na lang when my heads a little cooler
bwisit kasi tong mag rallies na to, lost 2 clients already. im not rich and i was really counting on these new clients for some badly needed funds. bwisit

Anonymous said...

bago kayo mag plano ng 8 point agenda nyo decide first kung sino ang ipapalit nyo kay gloria.... sure ako na lahat kayong opposition gustong pumalit sa kanya... papayag ba ang maka FPJ na hindi manggagaling sa kanila ang papalit? e ang mga leftist ni Satur? e paano na si Ping?.... ano pag baba ni gloria e gulo ulit para palitan ang president?

Anonymous said...

I beleive there was more interest in the website which was in their paid ad at the Inquirer yesterday

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...That website explains why they are called black and white.

Helga said...

Ah. You actually checked it out... Forgive the misprint - the actual website is It isn't as interesting as the misprint, but it has its pluses. Enjoy!

goddess_of_the_chase said...

Those plans may be very well, but with the divergent agenda and want of credibility, by and large, of those aiming to oust Gloria, these are just the same old motherhood statements.