Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Black & White Movement reiterates our support for the Citizen’s Congress for Truth and Accountability, which had its opening session yesterday. By now, it should be evident to all that the Palace’s stubborn refusal to participate in the Congress’s sessions cannot thwart efforts to seek the truth. Despite efforts to disrupt the proceedings on the part of entities supportive of the administration, the Congress and its organizers reacted with greater tolerance, humility, and swift accountability than the Palace has thus far accorded the public.

We laud, in particular, the efforts of the Congress to hold accountable those who, in the tension-filled moments when pro-Arroyo protesters tried to disrupt the proceedings, reacted harshly. These are times that call for all of us to practice tolerance and civility, in contrast to the intolerant and uncivil treatment the administration has inflicted on a citizenry seeking accountability from its officials.

The following days will be an unprecedented exercise in citizenship. It can only succeed in further demonstrating just how far the administration has strayed from what is expected of a democratic government. Different organizations with different views and opinions have come together, and have set aside their differences in pursuit of a laudable endeavor. We congratulate the organizers and participants in the Citizen’s Congress. And we urge our fellow citizens to follow, to the best of their ability, the proceedings of that Congress.


August Yapching said...

The Citizen's Congress should invite foreigners - especially from Europe and North America. Let the world know and judge.

goddess_of_the_chase said...

What happened to the Citizen's Congress? It didn't seem to get much support from the public and didn't seem to have resulted in anything? Except the foregone conclusion of Gloria's guilt, of course.

God of the Still said...

The Citizen's Congress is what the legislature would have done had the Philippine Congress performed its job without fear of favor.

Contrary to your perception, the work of the Citizen's Congress is far from over because GMA's perfidy continues unabated.

But between the support for this Congress which is given freely by the people and the support by local officials to GMA which was bought with blood money, please tell me who is in bad need of support.

If her guilt is a foregone conclusion, it is not so much a conclusion preordained in this congress, but a conclusion drawn from the continued obfuscation and bifurcation by GMA and her lackeys.

If there was nothing to hide, why can't she answer a fairly straight question? Did she not say that she speaks to God directly? Does it mean that God told her to lie, cheat and steal?

But of course?