Friday, November 11, 2005

It’s Black and White

To answer queries posted on this blog regarding who we are and what we stand for, we are posting the ad we printed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 9 November 2005. Please read on.

Fight for what’s Right!

Is it right for GMA to cling to power up to 2010 and maybe beyond?

More than 80% of Filipinos believe that she cheated. 79% believe she should have been impeached, and 51% believed she should be removed through people power if impeachment fails.*

Whether she cheated or not is no longer the only issue. The question is whether she should remain in Malacañang without the support of the people.

Is it right for GMA to use any means to remain in power?

So far, she has trashed the impeachment, declared CPR, enforced EO 464, threatened emergency power or martial law, initiated hearings versus Gudani & Balutan, accused Cory and Drilon of a coup plot and continues to harass Bro. Eddie.

Is it right for her to use government positions and favors as rewards for unconditional loyalty to her?

A long-standing moratorium on logging in protected areas of Samar was recently lifted in favor of a company closely associated with a politician. Post-dated checks have been issued to politicians for “scholarships”. Military promotions, ambassadorships and other appointments, plum contracts, pork barrel have been awarded to supporters and sycophants. On the other hand, civil servants with sterling performance records were summarily relieved of their posts for not blindly doing her bidding.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, join the Black & White Movement. No one can afford to sit this one out. The alternative may be more violent upheaval.

Is the Black and White Movement right for you?

We’ve been called ‘non-entities’. We are the non-celebrity middle forces who simply love our country. We are not extremists. We are not ”trapos”. We are not for Erap and we are not Marcos supporters.

We pay our taxes. We have neither vested interests nor political ambitions. We only want to put the country on the right track - as soon as possible.

Is Our Objective the right one?

To give the middle forces a venue and a voice to vent their outrage at the disgraceful conduct of the highest official of the land.

What is the right action to take?

The Black and White Movement is committed to legal, constitutional, and non-violent solutions. These will be implemented peaceably, democratically with the least disruption to our fragile economy.

Our prescription: 1) A massive, nationwide signature campaign for the non-violent removal of GMA from office.

2) Ask the VP to take over as the Turnaround President who will call for a special election in 2007 after revamping the Comelec.

3) If the VP is unwilling, he must resign as well. It then becomes necessary for the Senate President to call for Special Elections according to the Constitution.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the Black and White Movement.

Text your name, address, email address, affiliation, to 0917-88GARCI. We will provide you membership/signature campaign details.

*SWS Survey


Annonimus said...

One comment, no matter how nicely you introduce your organization, you have to admit one thing: you are in the minority.

I have a few questions for BWM:

Can you accept the fact that GMA is still around after all the controversies of the past year because she has majority of the people's support - people who did not rise up in arms to oust her?

Can you accept the fact that majority of the people believe GMA may have legitimately won the elections because she was so damnd lucky no one from the opposition was willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation and because her only true opponent got sick toward the end of the campaign - and for these people, that is enough for them?

Can you accept the fact that majority of the population wanted to see the impeachment thru but since it did not, we have opted to move on?

Can you accept the fact that Noli de Castro is sticking to GMA because he believes they won the election and both have a mandate to see their term through?

Can you accept the fact that as irritating, arrogant or wrong as GMA may be she is the legitimate president of the republic and the rest of us citizens of the republic can take that?

If you cannot, please see a therapist who can help you move on.

Helga said...

Ok, for the sake of argument, let's say we are in the minority. Just bear in mind that the truth is that we are in the majority. Please check all the surveys, SWS and Pulse, to date. But anyway, let's keep to your thinking for now.

No matter how you couch your argument to make you feel comfy,it's a cop out set of beliefs that help you move on. I marvel at how easy it is for you to choose the easy road, like many other Filipinos who purport to love their country.

We were in the minority when the move to oust Marcos was begun, we were in the minority when we first voiced distrust of Erap. If we are what you say we are, we find ourselves in the same minority again. A minority that consists of people who believe that complacency has no room in our hearts, that wrings must be redressed, that a bright future for our youth is assured. If I belong to the minority that is willing to fight for a government that we should have, then I like the company I'm keeping.

To move on means to accept that blind loyalty is a good thing. To move on means that you accept that our values have eroded to such a degree that you find it alright to have a dishonest, and in your words arrogant and wrong person keep the Presidency. Are you one of those people that allows their spouse to cheat on them, their kid to cheat in school, that steals from their employer? Bet you'd say no. But then that would be a contradiction. Tsk, tsk.

I personally believe I am in good company. It is a company of folks that have chosen a difficult path. We aren't going to give up.

What company are you keeping?

Annonimus said...


That attitude of moral superiority is exactly what makes a lot of people cringe and drive away any supporters. You question my PERSONAL moral values for disagreeing with your organization? I do not question your PERSONAL moral values - or any person involved in BWM. This is the best argument you can come up with in defense of your movement, huh? Laughable.

And oh, yes, another good defense - You do not love this country the way I do - how dare you. How dare you all treat the rest of the population that way.

I am not pro or anti GMA, I am just a citizen of this country. The company I keep is my countrymen struggling everyday for a better future.

I was in EDSA 1 and 2 so don't play the "I was there - were you" card with me. And no, we were not in the minority then and that's why it worked.

As I said, there is a possibility GMA won the elections which I see you do not even want to consider objectively. Surveys during that time support that fact and the oppositions' pre-election choices confirmed it. She's elected - the others were not - do I want a coup d'etat - no I do not. I am for reforms. Improving what we have now, strengthening our institutions (like the Office of the President) and introducing steady, institutionalized change that will be for the long-term good of our country especially our poor. I do not want our country divided any further, we all have a heck of a job to do to in strengthening our battered institutions. I do not want any moves that will destabilize our country in this crucial time. The Filipino people deserve better that that - it's time we have a taste of stability.

cagliostro_fireclown said...

I would disagree with some of annonimus' views, among them that GMA (whom I shall thereby refer to as "The Bitch") wasn't elected...but Erap and FVR were. The Bitch wasn't...she seemed a convenient choice (or so, at first, a MORE moral one than Erap - WISTR2A "El Borracho").

Yes, I've been to both EDSAs, I first tagged along with my Mom when we first lent our support to Tita Cory. But what has she brought us - six (failed) coup attempts and a whiny brat of a daughter with ABYSMAL taste in men.

You know, Helga, you belong to a minority, albeit one whose values I strongly agree with. I do not subscribe to restoration of old, dishonored orders (take a bow, Imee and El Borracho's brood) but I also wouldn't want this beloved (!?!) country to lapse into communism or theocracy on account of our indifference. I do believe that, in order for such a movement to succeed, there must be a single leader - one who shall actively lay down the law without owing any debts to entrenched power blocs. There should be top-down GENUINE reforms in our political system...there must be LONG-TERM plans to nesure economic recovery and alleviate the effects of the ongoing diaspora of our skilled labor and professional HONEST TO GOODNESS reproductive healt plan must be implemented without fear of coercion from the Church...even a foreign policy where we can stand eye to eye even with superpowers like the US (and China).

Hope that would not be too much to expect from your movement.