Thursday, July 05, 2007

An Urgent Appeal to GO Senators

This is a letter we sent to GO Senators, particularly Senators Escudero and Cayetano, last 28 June. For the record, we have spoken with Sen. Escudero about this but have yet to receive a response from Sen. Cayetano.

Dear Senators

We are alarmed at the way the fight for the Senate presidency is developing. The 14th Congress has not yet opened, and already we are seeing the people’s mandate for an opposition-dominated Senate being squandered.

We view with grave concern that because of a factious opposition bloc, it is ultimately the administration bloc who will determine the outcome of the senate presidency. And the next senate president is inevitably allied, if not beholden, to the administration.

We, therefore, urge the opposition senators ‐ if not the whole bloc, then at least those who won under the GO ticket, to hold a caucus and decide exclusively among yourselves who the next senate president will be. We call on each and every one of you to rise above personal ambitions and loyalties for the higher interest of the people who have pinned their hopes and aspirations upon you in the last election.

The worst thing that could happen is for the opposition to win with an overwhelming mandate the majority of the 12 seats contested, only to end up as the minority in the 14th Congress.

We were one with you when you fought the good fight and celebrated a well‐deserved victory. We pray that you will not fail us on this very important issue.

Vicente R. Romano III
Lead Convenor – Black and White Movement


eagle wild said...

The glint of silver almost always eclipses the glimmering candle of moral uprightness. It is rather foolhardy to expect that thes GO senators will come out smelling clean - after emerging from a pig sty.

Jaywalker said...

Just to let you guys know the Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer supports and encourage this kind of action. I have posted this urgent appeal to GO senators by Enteng at my blog in solidarity for the common good of our people.

romdel said...

Sana meron ding appeal sa mga taong nakibaka upang mapatalsik at mailagay sa hustisya si Erap. Mukha yatang nakakalimot na sila at nangingibabaw na ang pulitika sa kanilang mga isip at damdamin. Sana naman maipakita natin sa buong mundo na ang hustisya sa ating bansa ay walang kinikilingan, na ang mga mandarambong ay pinarurusahan... simulan natin kay Erap, saka natin isunod si Gloria.