Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About the Party List Black List

Remember this list? It was circulated via the internet a couple of weeks ago, and I received it from a friend. Now I am posting it so even more people can read it:

Below is a list of "partylist groups" that are fronts of the Arroyo regime and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This list was prepared by KONTRA DAYA (a broad-based election watchdog formed to expose the very possible repeat of wholesale election fraud in the May Philippine elections). Please circulate widely to expose these groups. REJECT these groups in the coming elections!!!

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1. AT (Aangat Tayo) connected to PITC Usec. Teddie Elson Rivera

2. Abono connected to House Speaker Jose De Venecia

3. Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc. connected to Office of External Affairs Asec. Marcelo Farinas II

4. Aging Pinoy (Aging Pilipino Organization, Inc.) connected to Norberto Gonzales

5. Ahon (Ahon Pinoy) Dante "Klink" Ang II (1st nominee)

6. Ahonbayan connected to Norberto Gonzales

7. APOI (Akbay Pinoy OFW-National, Inc.) DILG Usec. Melchor Rosales (1st nominee), DILG NCR Dir. Rodolfo Feraren (2nd nominee)

8. AKSA (Aksyon Sambayanan) connected to Norberto Gonzales

9. ANAD (Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy) supported by the AFP

10. ANAK (Angat Ating Kabuhayan Pilipinas, Inc.) Supt. Eduardo Octaviano, NCRPO-PNP (1st nominee)

11. ANC (Alliance of Neo-Conservatives) Usec. for Presidential Appointments Liel Cordoba

12. Ang Kasangga member, Sigaw ng Bayan

13. ARC (Alliance of Rural Concerns) Archie Santiago (son of Sen. Miriam Santiago)

14. ATS (Alliance Transport Sector) Ariel Lim, Presidential Assistant for Public Transport Affairs

15. ABA-AKO Percy Chavez, chairperson, Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor

16. Babae Ka (Babae para sa Kaunlaran) member, Sigaw ng Bayan; Sally Dagami (1st nominee), Ruth Vasquez (2nd nominee)

17. BANAT (Barangay Association for National Advancement of Transparency) Raul Lambino (1st nominee)

18. Bantay Ret. Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan (1st nominee)

19. Bigkis (Bigkis Pinoy Movement) connected to PAGCOR Chair Ephraim Genuino

20. BP (Biyaheng Pinoy) Dr. Arsenio Abalos, Jesus Cruz (vice-mayor of Mandaluyong)

21. Kalahi (Advocates for Overseas Filipinos) Poe Gratela, former Office of External Affairs coordinator for OFW concerns (1st nominee)

22. VFP (Veterans Freedom Party) supported by the AFP

Well, it seems that this list and our Black List of party list groups have pissed off a few people. The email I circulated among my e-groups went a long way around, and into the inbox of a certain Peri Resabal, who decided to send me this denunciation:

Cheers to that Sonny and Gloria Rutaquio!!! It just shows that the organization that Leah Navarro adheres to is an organization out to topple a government not by elections but by impeachment.

Lahat na party list na walang balak magpatalsik kay Gloria in the next 3-years are all Gloria’s party lists. What a logic!!!

They are a bunch of one track minded individuals who after a change in leadership by people power or otherwise start another impeachment proceeding for the same leader that they help put to power. Kaya di tayo umaasenso.

Pinatalsik si Marcos, pinalit si Cory, tapos gustong patalsikin si Cory kasi walang alam. Nanalo si Ramos, gusto ring patalsikin kasi nangugurakot. Pinanalo si Erap (for his popularity), tapos pinatalsik kasi kurakot, pinalit si Gloria, gusto tanggalin kasi nandaya. Sino ba ang di nandadaya? Sino ba gusto nilang ipalit. Si Noli de Castro? Baka di na umabot si Noli nang 2008, gusto na naman nilang palitan kasi bobo. Leah Navarro, wake up but shut up. Buti pa kumanta ka na lang!

Let’s vote for candidates whom we know who can help stabilize our country!!! We are fed up with chaos. Tama na. Sobra na ang gulo. Isulong ang pag asenso ng ating bayan.

This is what Mr./Ms. Resabal was cheering about:

From: [] On Behalf Of sonny matula
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 3:55 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Fw: [civilizing_politics] Fwd: Pls circulate this: ARROYO'S PARTY LISTS

I am the legal counsel of AKSYON SAMBAYANAN (AKSA) and I protest the allegation that AKSA is an Arroyo's Party-list group.

AKSA is a social democratic party-list organization. AKSA advocates authentic politics of clear ideologies and developed programs of government. AKSA works for concrete reforms that empower the ordinary citizens such as workers, farmers, small businessmen and professionals.

AKSA has an award-winning and record in advancing women's rights and gender justice, and has a strong youth program.

AKSA is clearly at the forefront in the struggle for democracy & Christian-Muslim friendship and cooperation, and against the communist extreme left fronts, against the fascist extreme right,& against extremest Islamist terrorism.

AKSA programs addresses six (6) basic aspects of national security: defense, internal security, food, water, environment. For reforms toward a peaceful, secure, educated & prosperous Philippines, for a society that cares for all its members.

AKSA nominees: (1) Elizabeth Cunanan-Angsioco , 49 years of age, National Capital Region. She is the Chair of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP); NGO Executive Director; Recipient of the International Silver Rose Award for her advocy for women's right. (2) Timoteo Aranjuez, 67, from Bohol, President of the Union of Filipino Workers (UFW) and Chair of the Congress of Labor Organization (CLO). (3) Mao K. Andong, Jr., 55, Cotabato City, peasant organizer and Bangsa Moro Community organizer. (4) Fernando D. Gana, 32, Quezon city, urban poor community organizer, field educator and youth leader. (5) Donna Antoniette A. Casio, 40, Capiz, Research Director of Filamer Christian College, her fields are in community development, microfinance, livelihood. (6) Hadji A. Balajadia, 27, Davao City, intructor of the Ateneo de Davao University,youth leader and Secretary General of the 6th National Youth Parliament.

Atty. Sonny G. Matula
Counsel for AKSA

National Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), an affiliate of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

It is unfortunate that the impeachment paranoia infecting this administration has caused it to lure party list representations into becoming Mrs. Arroyo’s tag teams if they happen to win seats in Congress. It is also unfortunate that these groups don’t realize that their good intentions and past good deeds (speaking mainly of the incumbent), if any, are erased by their alleged backroom deals, and more importantly, by their willingness to turn a blind eye to the search for truth.

Another sad truth is that the party list system is a convenient back door entry into Congress if you haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell to win a seat as an individual running in your district. It’s also a lot cheaper to buy a nomination into a party list than to parlay tens of millions into a district race.

Our criteria for getting on either the Black List or White List are very narrow – for incumbents we study their voting record regarding the last two impeachments and Constituent Assembly. If you voted for impeachment and against Constituent Assembly, you qualify to be on the White List, and vice versa.

As for newbies, we do as much research as we can on the candidate or party list. Some candidates and party list groups have met with us and defended their positions. Depending on how the consultations go, we make our decisions. Sure, many will say the decisions are subjective, but how would you decide if the conversation with a candidate went like this:

Q: What is your view regarding the alleged cheating in the 2004 elections?
A: That’s an old story. The allegations have never been proven. We should move on.

Q: Would you consider voting in favor of impeaching GMA?
A: That’s an issue that we’d rather not discuss right now, we have to consult with our constituents. You see, we are all about our sector’s needs; it’s not an important issue for us.

You get the drift.


The Mindanao Examiner said...

Kailan kaya magigising ang mamamayang Pilipino mula sa isang bangungot?

mschumey07 said...

Hi sis,

Our good friend Pedestrian Observer is getting the same flak. This time from Babae Ka. Its funny how these fronts cry to the high heavens. But its so obvious who they really represent. I suggest that they check the Black and White site and check the Myths and Lies. This should give them a clearer view of where you are coming from.

As for your enchanting voice, I love to hear you sing but I also love it when you use it against this repressive regime and its cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Please tell your buddy democracthenesgame about Range Voting (the simplest form of which is Approval Voting), by far the best single-winner voting method.

There is no reason to care about a candidate's winning an "absolute majority". In fact, Condorcet cycles disprove the axiom that "A is better than B if a majority perfers A over B". The problem is that majoritarianism doesn't account for preferenc intensity.

The best winner is the one who produces the greatest social utility. Range Voting has the best social utility efficiency.