Sunday, July 15, 2007


GOD helps those that help themselves. So when Migz Zubiri thanked God, he was also thanking Gloria, Garci, Bedol, and Abalos: the faces of our modern "democrazy".

Imagine that. The power and the glory now belong to Migz, now, if not forever. We commiserate with Chavit Singson ­ how in heaven's name could Chavit have lost his top rank to Migz? Poor guy must be really depressed. What a difference a month makes. Chavit was once upon a time first in Maguindanao: but as we now know, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Even the improbable ones.

Now, Migz owes a lot. When he thanked God, Mama Mary, and all the saints, he was being a grateful person. Grateful, maybe not to the people of Maguindanao, but definitely thankful to all those who helped make his election as credible as Mrs. Arroyo's 2004 victory. As the second most impoverished province of ARMM, we can only hope Maguindanao gets the attention it deserves from him and that it's not just the usual suspects, who get to enjoy the blessings helping Migz win will give.

As for the millions of us that voted for Koko Pimentel, we had it coming. We were old-fashioned enough to believe what mattered more was a genuine mandate, that our votes would count as much as the votes for Migz. How were we to know, that neither our votes nor Migz' votes, mattered at all? What mattered most was never in the public's hands: it was the counting, and who did the counting, that mattered. It didn't even matter if the votes were there, and it didn't matter if all anyone wanted was a chance to vote again, without terrorism and manufactured documents substituting for an election.


manuelbuencamino said...

And the little shit said, “We’re going to take a rest in an island resort where there is no cell site. Give us four days, we will make a baby first.”

As if there weren't too many Zubiri's yet in this world

mschumey07 said...

Yikes! Not another Migz? Please spare the people of another indecent Zubiri! If only Mama Mary could speak, I sure she'll have a mouthful for Migz.

Dirk Pitt said...

I've been throwing this question to different blogsites but nobody's answering; so will try here.
Is it possible to challenge before the Supreme Court the constitutionality of Sec. 14 of RA 9006 and stop Lito Lapid from re-assuming his Senate seat?

Helga said...

You meant this -

Sec. 14. Repealing Clause. - Sections 67 and 85 of the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Blg. 881) and Sections 10 and 11 of Republic Act No. 6646 are hereby repealed. As a consequence, the first provision the third paragraph of Section 11 of Republic Act No. 8436 is rendered ineffective. All laws, presidential decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations, or any part thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or modified or amended accordingly.

Omnibus Elec Code - Sec. 67. Candidates holding elective office. - Any elective official, whether national or local, running for any office other than the one which he is holding in a permanent capacity, except for President and Vice-President, shall be considered ipso facto resigned from his office upon the filing of his certificate of candidacy.

Since I'm not a lawyer, am not sure if Sec. 67 of the Omnibus Elec. Code was questioned and then repealed by way of the courts. Maybe Edwin Lacierda can provide more elucidation. Some parties have questioned the constitutionality of some provisions of the Code, i.e. regarding survey results, and have won, so I don't see why your question can't be tackled.

Dirk Pitt said...

As I understand it, Lito Lapid was able to return to the Senate because of the repeal of Sec.67 of the Omnibus Election Code.
But even Gloria's lawyer Romy Macalintal believed Sec. 14 of RA 9006 that repealed Sec. 67 is unconstitutional. What I can't understand is why nobody is attempting to bring this matter before the Supreme Court.
Why not me? I'm just a simple OFW here in faraway South Pacific.

Helga said...

Dirk, will forward your concern to Election Network 2007, a collection of orgs (BnW, Akbayan, Code NGO, among others) that focuses on electoral reform. This should be a subject of interest. Will let you know how things progress.