Monday, February 13, 2006

A Message From the NEW AFP

We were surprised to receive the following message. It was delivered anonymously. Nonetheless, we are re-printing it here for your appreciation and comment:

13 Feb '06

Message to fellow Filipinos:

The welfare of the ordinary Filipino has long been neglected. The poor continue to suffer in poverty, struggling to eke out enough money to put food on the table for their families. They have looked to the government to address their situation, but they have been disappointed time and time again.

The elitist scoff at the cries of the poor, saying that the roots of their ills lie in their indolence, and that hard work is the solution to poverty. But, we ask, who can surpass the industry and perseverance of Filipino workers, farmers, fishermen and soldiers, who, if they could, would make the days longer if only to be able to work even more to put food on the table and keep their homes? Who, despite their unending toil, continue to live in abject misery and hardship?

Nay, we exclaim to the elitists: the reason behind our ills is the continuing greed and dishonesty of the bogus Macapagal-Arroyo administration, which will stop at nothing to remain in power. The real conditions of the country are reflected in the failure of government to perform its function of providing the mechanisms to enable its citizens to make a decent living. On the contrary, our leaders today only look after their own elite interests, demonstrated by the usurpation of the fertilizer fund for their electoral goals while our poor farmers continue to live in utter destitution.

The truth behind this issue is but one among many anomalies that the regime has committed and is covering up. We cannot continue to stay silent in the face of the suffering of the people and the neglect of a government that insults the dignity of the ordinary Filipino.

We cannot continue to tolerate the lies and deceit of the bogus Macapagal-Arroyo regime. It is time to clear the obstacles to truth.

Let us unite to let the truth come out and pave the way to the people's release from poverty. The government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the embodiment of all that we struggle against.

The future of our nation depends on our collective will and pride as Filipinos. In the next several days, let us show and proclaim our displeasure at the sham regime. Let us demonstrate our disgust, not only by going to the streets in protest but also by wearing red bands on our left arms.

Let us show the establishment that we know the truth and will no longer put up with their treachery.

In this way, we will also be telling Gloria that her stepping down from power is the first step towards genuine change.

Captain Nathaniel Rabonza

First Lieutenant Lawrence San Juan

First Lieutenant Sonny Sarmiento

First Lieutenant Patricio Bumidang