Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gawad Kalinga, GMA, and EDSA I

Heard through the grapevine - in case Mrs. Arroyo's stuck here on the 20th anniversary of EDSA I (Ellen Tordesillas weighs in on Gloria's frantic need to flee) , she will formally launch "1M Heroes - Volunteers for Gawad Kalinga". If the rumor is true, the launch is meant to signify that charitable work will erase all sins, that we should all "move forward", forget the current crisis. GMA will no longer need to account for her actions. This is her version of penance. The all-popular Gawad Kalinga will see to that.

Now that's sly. GK has received millions from the present administration for its projects, hence its silence on many issues surrounding Mrs. Arroyo and her administration. Mrs. Arroyo will use the event and a very high profile charity organization to hog the limelight on a day devoted to the celebration of the human spirit behind the orignal People Power uprising. It is calculated to make her look good.

Make no mistake, Gawad Kalinga does excellent work for our people. It's projects have helped improve lives, given hope to many deserving Filipino communities. We are all fans. But, please, this organization's consent to be used as a platform from which to tout Mrs. Arroyo's "magnanimity", "godliness", and "honesty" reeks of deceit. It is just another ploy to make her look good. The lamentable thing is that it will probably work. As Ricky Carandang says, we are all
enraged, but sadly, not enraged enough.

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