Friday, February 24, 2006


The Black and White Movement, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, will be participating in the following activities:
  • Wednesday, 22 February: The Citizens’ Pilgrimage for Truth & Reforms (U Can’t Con Ass!) will march at 1pm and converge at the People Power Monument from the north (Bantayog, Quezon City), south (via SLEX), and Metro Manila. Program at the People Power Monument starts at 4pm. (DONE!)
  • Friday, 24 February: Black & White joins the people of Makati as the city celebrates the People Power Revolution with a march to be led by former Pres. Cory Aquino at 3pm from the Makati City Fire Station to the Ninoy Aquino Statue on Ayala Avenue. A highlight will be the first yellow confetti drop since the famous Makati rallies against Marcos.
  • Saturday, 25 February: A Mass to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EDSA I, to be celebrated by Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales and attended by EDSA I veterans led by former Pres. Cory Aquino

We encourage our fellow citizens to participate in these activities that serve as a reminder of the ideals that motivated our people to reclaim and restore their freedom.


Love Love ♥ said...

hey yo'!

Just wanted to ask if Gloria and Noli will be impeached or oust in the palace who you do want to take over, Susan Roces and Frank Drilon?? just askin' :) thanks

Helga said...

I'd really like to know why you keep asking us who we'd want to take over? Who would you want to take over? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Because, God forbid, whoever "we" put into power, you may not like. Why leave the choice to us?
What we really want to do is make our countrymen aware that there are tools to make informed choices - a clean COMELEC, the freedom of choice, a good education that develops the ability to discern.
Unless you feel that te current administration is doing ok and you don't mind having your freedoms stifled. You're probably too young to remember martial law. You should brush up on your history.

Simon said...


You have ABS-CBN on your side, you have Inquirer on your side, you have the surveys on your side, you have all the senators on your side, you have Cris Aquino and other stars on your side, you have the MBC, the joint forces of Cory and Erap/FPJ/Susan, you have Ramos on your side (sometimes), you have some military people, you have the leftists, you have the Marcos followers, you have TV hosts going at GMA day in day out, you have all newspaper headlines attacking GMA, you have 10 resigned cabinet members, you even have a wiretapped recording of GMA and Garci, etc, etc..

Stiffled freedoms? Are you serious? You have way much more going for you today. I have a vivid memory of 1986, and I’ll tell you, it was quite different then.

The question is: What more do you need? Why is GMA still there? Is it possible that the problem is the opposition themselves? I don’t need you to repeat the “we really want to make our countrymen aware that there are tools to make informed choices …bla,bla,” speech. But perhaps you need to make a serious and honest check of your goals – your personal goals. I like you Helga. You carried much of the weight of this BMW blog and you earned my respect for that, so treat these comments as constructive. Here’s a blame GMA for the problem is really giving her too much credit. Don’t be used by people who have bet their careers, lost, and have no more choices. You still have a choice. GMA, as repulsive as she may be to many, may not necessarily be the enemy.

And maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on Hael. Even Hael has freedoms.