Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Friends,

The reform movement calling itself PiNOY POWER will stage an inaugural concert on September 21, 2009 at the Theater of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

The General Admission for the Orchestra and Loge of the UP Theater for the concert will be on an "ambagan" basis... just contribute what you can.. this is on a first come first served basis...

The Balcony Section is the only Reserved Section in the Theater for those that are giving a MINIMUM contribution of P2,500 per seat. There are limited seats and as of now there are only about 100 seats left available. Please send an email to JJ Soriano ( so he can reserve tickets for you.

Welcoming and inciting another colossal change in the Philippine national life, PiNOY POWER presents a line-up of artists who can guarantee the high voltage experience that replicates the sentiment sweeping the country: an electric feeling of renewed optimism in our political process.

Aside from the Apo, the concert will feature Aiza Seguerra, Bayang Barrios, Drae YbaƱez, Duster, Isay Alvarez, Juana Change, Leah Navarro, Nicole & Carlo, Noel Cabangon, Paraluman, Philippine All Stars, and The Dawn. PiNOY POWER says the concert atmosphere will be charged, the artists will be spirited, and there will be magic in the air.

Attending the event, they let on, is the man of the hour, Noynoy Aquino, who now carries forward their reinvigorated aspirations for emancipation from a corrupt, toxic political life.

PiNOY POWER is setting in motion a cutting-edge kind of organization. Like the concert, which asks no entrance fee for the General Admission Section beyond what the individual can donate in cash at the gate, PiNOY POWER will be inclusive, open to creative inputs from all Filipinos, and intent on having fun while waging a revolution.

That laughing, smiling, and very imaginative revolution begins when the gate opens at 5:30 p.m., and the show starts at 7 p.m.

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John Cruz said...

I totally agree on this. Hindi dahil anak ni Ninoy eh karapatdapat na.

TJ Besa article - Inquirer 12/16/09


The moment our beloved former President Cory Aquino’s passing was announced by Noynoy, perhaps by virtue of his being the only son and father figure by default, political capital was created. At that instant, even Noy may not have realized this, but one could already see that this was a “slingshot situation” – a confluence of events which provide undeniable opportunity to propel even inert objects, or persons, to otherwise impossible heights.

We all know who the near-inert beneficiary is, by now.

Heir-apparent to a martyred father and President mother, some would breathlessly declare that the choice is clear. On the heels of economic fallout, numerous national tragedies, and the looming Presidential elections, Aquino the Inheritor seemed a promising choice for a nation badly in need of heroes. Note how every other political ad now is about heroes.

The “situation”, quite by accident, seems to have left Aquino constantly marvelling and wide-eyed, mouth agape, jaws slack, in complete awe of his good(?)fortune. Like a child innocently on his way to play a game of checkers, he now finds himself thrust to the high stakes table up against the big boys.

Marinated in low-level politics, seasoned with sympathy, and fired with opportunity, Aquino’s run to the top may very well get us all burned.

But worry not, Noy. I have nothing personal against you and know that this is not your own doing. Rather, the current situation may be a result of opportunistic manipulations by political handlers, realizing the power of playing to the sympathies and emotions of a people. And it is our fault, too, for pining that the leadership and management savvy of the parents have been inherited by a son. Not.

On second thought, even dear Tita Cory was our accidental President, albeit inexperienced, through no fault of hers. Propelled by public outrage over the assassination of would be presidential challenger, Ninoy, she has come to be known as the mother of People Power— an unwitting catalyst to the overthrow of a dictator. My affection for Cory is not necessarily personal, but more importantly, is for what she has come to represent: a collective dissent against abuse of political power. However, my admiration begins and ends there, and does not extend to her presidential performance.

Once again, it is our endearing but ridiculous sentimentality that has almost led us down the road to ruin, by launching Noynoy on a trajectory for a presidential run. Though some would have us believe that it is a case of nanos gigantum humeris insidentes, where one would benefit from standing on the shoulders of blind giants, this time around it is not the giant Orion who is without vision.

Latest observations, however, indicate that fascination with Aquino, the Son, is a passing fancy. During the run-up to filing of presidential candidacies, I recently found myself in Tarlac City, the bailiwick and bulwark of Aquino support. I chanced upon the Noynoy parade in the city plaza, noting a stage packed with his candidates, supporters, and handlers. I daresay that the audience seemed to be just a little bit more than those who were putting on the show.

By this sign, I am hopeful that the level of political maturity of the voting public, in this country that I love dearly, is rising. Quoting Professor Ed Malay, Director of the Issues and Advocacies Center, "the drop in the survey rating of Noynoy is understandable as the euphoria associated with the death and burial of the late President Cory Aquino has started to wear off."

Some objects, no matter the driving force exerted upon them, encounter resistance if no substance and mass exist. Have you ever tried firing a ping-pong ball thru a slingshot? Noy is already falling short. May the best man, for the nation, win.

- Tjb3