Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Since 2005 the Filipino people have seen too many leaders excuse ambition on the basis of pragmatism. We have had leaders who turned their backs on idealism on the pretext that there is only one way to gain and hold on to power. However, since then, our people have yearned for leaders prepared to sacrifice ambition to answer the call of duty, who listen to public opinion as an alternative to confusing or buying the electorate.

Senator Manuel Roxas II could not have said it better – country above self. The Black and White Movement salutes Senator Roxas for his statesmanship and selflessness. Senator Mar has demonstrated tonight that his ultimate objective is to be a servant leader by being prepared to follow even at the cost of his campaign to lead the country. We have not seen a leader sacrifice his or her political interests in this manner since Cory Aquino in 1985. This is a reminder for all of us that when country comes first, all other decisions and considerations easily follow.

“I can only imagine how agonizing it must have been for Senator Mar to make this difficult decision. He is blessed with a great sense of nation above self. I sincerely admire him and believe that the Filipino people feel the same way”, says lead convener Enteng Romano.

We are proud to count members of the Black and White Movement Council among the many men and women of good will who selflessly dedicated themselves to advance his reform cause. We admire their unflinching support of Senator Roxas and their graceful acceptance of his decision.

Senator Roxas has vindicated himself and his family legacy of service to the country. This is a shining moment for him and paves the way for a national campaign of redemption where reconciliation is made possible by justice and where leadership is about serving the people.

Thank you, Senator Mar, tonight you became a statesman. You are truly a servant leader. Mabuhay ka!

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Anonymous said...

So he said country above self. Every politician will say that come election time. Ang alam kung news sa kanya ay yung tungkol sa kanyang bonggang engagement sa newscaster at paglabas sa wowwowweee. Please convince us that he is the right leader of our country. Salamat