Thursday, October 15, 2009

Noynoy Aquino Tops Latest SWS Survey

The Black & White Movement fully supports the intentions of Noynoy Aquino to run for President and Mar Roxas to run for Vice President in the May 2010 national elections. We laud their lead in the polls, and pray that good news like this serves as inspiration for their supporters to continue to work hard for their victory.

Here is the SWS Survey as it appears in its website.

14 October 2009

Third Quarter 2009 Social Weather Survey: Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar top the people's "three best leaders to succeed PGMA in 2010"

Social Weather Stations

Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III took the top spot in the people's three best successors to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2010, according to the Third Quarter 2009 Social Weather Survey, fielded over September 18-21, 2009.

Sixty percent gave Sen. Aquino's name in response to the question, "Sa ilalim ng kasalukuyang Konstitusyon, ang termino ni Pang. Arroyo ay hanggang sa taong 2010 lamang at magkakaroon ng halalan para sa pagka-pangulo sa Mayo 2010. Sinu-sino sa palagay ninyo ang mga magagaling na lider na dapat pumalit kay Pang. Arroyo bilang Presidente? Maaari po kayong magbanggit ng hanggang tatlong sagot." [Under the present Constitution, the term of Pres. Arroyo is up to 2010 only, and there will be an election for a new President in May 2010. Who do you think are good leaders who should succeed Pres. Arroyo as President? You may give up to three names].

The next most popular successor was Sen. Manny Villar, who was mentioned by 37%.

Aquino and Villar were followed by former Pres. Joseph Estrada at 18%, Sen. Francis Escudero at 15%, and Sen. Mar Roxas at 12%.

The survey found Vice-Pres. Noli De Castro mentioned by 8%, Sen. Loren Legarda by 5%, Defense Sec. Gilberto Teodoro by 4%, Sen. Panfilo Lacson by 2%, and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay by 2%.

At 1 percent each were MMDA Chairperson Bayani Fernando and Brother Eddie Villanueva.

Six percent could not give an answer, and 4% had no one to recommend.

No list of names was provided to prompt the respondents.

The question wording has been exactly the same in ten surveys since September 2007, with results shown in Table 1.

Survey Background

The Third Quarter of 2009 Social Weather Survey was conducted from September 18-21, 2009, with a sample size of 1,800 adults, for an error margin of ±2.3%.

The surveys of September and December 2007, March and June 2008, and February 2009 had sample sizes of 1,200 adults, for error margins of ±3%. The September 2008, December 2008, and June 2009 surveys had sample sizes of 1,500 adults, for error margins of ±2.5%. The May 2009 survey had a sample size of 7,000 registered voters, for an error margin of ±1.2%.

All surveys were conducted using face-to-face interviews.

Except for the May 2009 survey, all the surveys cited in this release were non-commissioned; they were done on SWS's own initiative as a public service, with first printing rights assigned to BusinessWorld.

All the findings from the earlier surveys have been previously released by SWS.


mica said...
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John Cruz said...

Political Potpourri

In every election, the easiest choice to make is, who you would not vote for. This year, it is profoundly difficult because for me the easiest identifiable candidate whom I would not vote for, (aside from Erap of course, for who would vote for a convicted plunderer) is a leading candidate, with a widest of margin in the survey, Noynoy. He probably will be the next president and so, in my heart, I tried my best to consider and reconsider my decision, yet I become more convinced that he is my best choice on whom not to vote for. These are in my thoughts:

He is clean and honest
He really is unblemished, squeaky clean and immaculate. His record for nine years speaks for himself. I am reminded of a friend of mine, a cocky but very articulate Solicitor General. He had a perfect record of losing all cases. Thus, his record was clean and unblemished of victory. Like this solicitor general, Noynoy has also no record of dishonesty simply because he has no record of accomplishment at all. He was one of the prominent members of the committee of silence. I googled his name to find out if, except for his name, there was anything he did that he should be proud of. I am sorry that I found nothing. It is time he reveals what he had done in congress for nine years, plus two years in the senate, to deserve the presidency. When he ran for Senate, he simply relied on his family name and the endorsement of his mother. Being in the Senate with no accomplishment will not hurt the nation except the wasted money paid to him as a public servant. But to be president and not knowing what to do is probably as disastrous as a corrupt president.

John Cruz said...

Political Potpourri

He comes from a good stock
A prominent columnist of the Inquirer believes that since hero’s blood runs in his veins, he is a natural hero and would do nothing to shame the good name. The prominent Columnist also said that what we need is a good heart and correct values and Noynoy fits to the T. Of course heritage is a plus factor but unfortunately, this is no assurance that he too will be as upright as his parents. We do not have to look far. Look at his sister. She even gloats and flaunts her sexual indiscretions and gave press interviews of her indecent acts, in spite of the fact that at that time, her dear mother was very much alive. She fueled salacious gossip about her sexual escapades that it grabbed the headlines for days of the local papers. Not only that. She proudly proclaimed that she will have to do a wash over of sorts, on the personality of Noynoy. To be fair, since Noynoy is not the sister’s keeper, he should publicly open how he spent his several hundred million, probably billions of pesos, if cumulatively taken together, of pork barrel. Joker and Lacson did not spend a single centavo on their pork barrel allocations. It is being whispered around that some officials get their share. Moreover, Noynoy has not been battle tested; we do not know how he will react to temptation, simply because he has not been where the action is. He can not honestly and truthfully say that he is goodness personified and all others are evil just because he is the son of Cory It is the height of intellectual arrogance and hypocrisy to make such claim.

He comes unprepared
Before the death of Cory, nobody considers him a presidential caliber, not even for vice president. He himself did not also dream of being one. He was elected senator and he landed on the second half of the elected senators in terms of votes gathered. When his mother died and there was public mourning, all of a sudden, he was pushed to be the leading candidate to noble office of the presidency. This factual milieu clearly shows that his popularity is solely for sentimental reasons, the death of Cory. His supporters are praying that the public sentiments on his parents would not wane and that the public would not see through the real Noynoy. Stripped of all sentimentality, there is nothing in his bio data that shows he is capable of the challenge of the high office of the land. His bio data is uninspiring, to say the least. Aside from his public office due to his lineage, he was a sales person of Mondragon Industries, and a member of the board of director of a security agency which the family owns. How in heavens name will he run the country? It must be pointed out that Noynoy has no advocacy at all in his public life. We do not know to what directions we will be going with him as a leader. It is fearsome to have a president who is not only unprepared and unqualified, but also to be under the control of his unknown advisers and heaven forbid, under the tutelage of his movie star sister. It becomes more dreadful because his popularity is seemingly sustained, thanks to the biased and twisted reporting of our media and ABS-CBN, who all have their interests to protect.