Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pinoy Big Briber

I just witnessed Representative Bagatsing say, on ANC's Strictly Politics, that he would neither confirm nor deny that he received a gift bag full of money while at the Palace recently. He also went on to say that the media was blowing the whole thing out of proportion, giving malice to an innocent event. He also said the media and opposition should've taken into consideration the possibility of his family members being maligned and teased because of this misunderstanding.

Well. He should've thought about all that BEFORE he strutted out of the Palace with that doggie bag (host Pia Hontiveros asked him if he was the portly congressman caught on ANC video, as guests left the Palace breakfast meet). Ah, but he is, after all, only a congressman.

Welcome to Pinoy Pinoy Big Briber, Congressman Bagatsing. Nakatanggap ka sa pala sa bahay ni Ate Glo.

With that in mind, let's tell Ate Glo, Rep. Bagatsing and the rest of the 180 or so gift bag carrying congressmen just what we think of them --

Date: 9 November 2007
Venue: Ninoy Aquino Monument, Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati
Assembly: 11:30am
Attire: Black, please.


  • Assemble at Ninoy Aquino statue on Ayala Avenue between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon
  • Pinoy Big Briber" postcards (see here, and here in case you'd like to print them out) will be distributed as marchers sign up
  • Optional, but a good idea - Bring a used gift bag decorated with your favorite GMA "Sin" slogan, such as – “Hello Garci?”, "Sir, may 200 ka rito", “Joc Joc, umiwi ka na!”, “Patalsikin Na, Now Na”, “Php500000”, etc. for waving around
  • March to Makati Post Office on the corner of Buendia and Ayala Avenues
  • Once at the post office, buy stamps and mail the postcards
  • Some essentials – umbrella, water, camera

Our provincial and international partners will stage their own versions of protest mainly around the signing of the Manifesto. The internationally signed message will be presented to various Philippine embassies and consulates.

The html version of this invitation may be viewed here.

Finally, check out our brand spankin' new Pinoy Big Briber website!!!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday – rain or shine!


VRDHS Online said...

Sana wag na lang Pinoy Big Briber, mas akma ang "The BIGgest Briber".

Chona said...

Now that Madriaga gave specifics of the ZTE kick-back deal, isn't that enough to force Arroyo to step down today (constitutionally)?

Also, I feel that land reform should also be high on the agenda. According to a NISPOP report, the 1% elite own most of the land in the Philippines. The 1986 Revolution did not fulfill its promise to re-distribute land to the farmers. I believe that those responsible ought to answer this question.

May I share some of my questions about corruption:

What will insure that corruption practices are not continued by the new administration that will take over, keeping in mind the failure of 1986 revolution to change the system.

How can we understand better the roots of corruption and why has it become part of the culture, and why is it so hard to get rid of?

What are the tools the government use to practice corruption, and how can we identify them and take proper action?

What system should be instituted within the government to fight corruption? Who will be responsible? And how can you insure that those responsible are honest?

What realistic expectations can we have in terms of change, and in terms of "diversity" of ideas?

Thank You.

Pauline Santos
(concerned citizen)
Rego Park, NY

Anonymous said...

Sec. Neri called Greedy Arroyo "evil." Gov. Joey Salceda called her "bitch."

I'm right all along. Nuon ko pa tinatawag si Greedy Arroyo na isang,

Mandarambong, Tulisan, Ahas, Masiba, Halang ang Bituka, Ipokrita, Magnanakaw, Sinungaling, Impakta, Makapal ang Apog, Panget, Apeng, Makapal ang Mukha, Dayukdok, Bitch, Haragan, Putaching, Hudas, Hestas, Barabas, Mandaraya, Demonya, Plastic, Hidhid, Talamak, Garapal, Dorobo, Gahaman, Busabos, Matakaw, Traydor, Ganid, atbp.

Bakit ko sinabi 'yan?

Meron bang hinarap na akusasyon 'yan na giniba at pinawalang saysay niya dahil pinakita n'yang siya ay inosente at mapapagkatiwalaan ng taong bayan? WALA.

'Yung sa Garci tape issue nga e umamin pa hilaw pa. "I am sorry" daw pero hindi pa inamin ang kabuuan kung bakit siya nagso-sorry.

Kapag ganyan ka-busabos ang lider dapat na talagang mag-resign!

Chona said...

Si Arroyo kasi, nagkukunwari siya na "Ina" ng bayan. Basahin ninyo ang speeches niya at tingnan ninyo ang mga litrato niya...mother image kuno. Ang mga tao, binoboto namanan siya. Iyan ang tinatawag na pangaabuso ng lakas at pangaabuso ng tiwala at mas grabe pa...ang pangaabuso ng pagmamahal (ng isang ina)!

exfatsingapore said...

I would like to find out that once Arroyo is ousted, what will happen next? Who will take over? Are we opening up the country for a civil war as each politcal party will now try to grab power? I've been watching the news and aside from all the calls for GMA to resign, no one is offering a clear solution as to what happens after. I sincerely pray that your movement knows what its doing because so far its just mobilizing people to protest. What steps is your movement offering after it has achieved its goal of unseating her, or bahala na ang mga mamamayang pilipino sa buhay nila? At least this movement achieved its cause and got its own self interest accomplished.

Chona said...

There are many indications that people are not just mobilizing, but also organizing to insure that the country will be able to continuously insure Filipinos against corrupt government officials.

Recently, the killings of Filipino journalists are being put in the forefront of the protests. Freeing the press to report cases of abuse and corruption is a great beginning. (Read: Legal experts, press freedom advocates flying in from Asia, US, Europe, and Latin America to address the killing of journalists in the Philippines -- http://www.pinoypress.net/2008/02/28/legal-experts-press-freedom-advocates-flying-in-from-asia-us-europe-and-latin-america-to-address-the-killing-of-journalists-in-the-philippines/

I believe that creating a watchdog organization to monitor corruption in government can protect the people against corruption regardless of who is in power.