Friday, November 30, 2007

The Center Must Hold

Once more, our country is at a crossroads. Time and again, the administration has said there is no alternative to it, but more of the same: government by intimidation, bribery, and perversion of the rules. Time and again, the transactional, cynical, brazen methods of this administration have pushed every sector and institution to the wall.

Today, after months of indignities and shabby treatment, officers and men who subjected themselves to the justice system, walked out of the court. Every person has their limit. We recognize and sympathize with fellow citizens like them. Even when the thirst for justice has led citizens to submit to the system, the system leaves our country still thirsting for justice.

We call for sobriety. We call for a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We call, most of all, for all our officials to recognize, once and for all, that dignity is not dispensable, that justice is non-negotiable, that if the lying, cheating, killing and stealing continue, peace will not return.

The problem is not the people, it is the President. The first step is for her to resign. At the same time, all sides must resist the temptation to resolve matters in an undemocratic manner.

The Black & White Movement adds its voice to those who want change, and calls on all our countrymen to stand for what’s right: a democracy, unless it has an administration with an unquestionable mandate, cannot endure, and must end up with a people divided against itself. -- END


Equalizer said...

“Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago Friday filed an urgent resolution asking punitive action against Trillanes for leading the power grab Thursday at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati.”GMA NEWS

For once,I agree with Lady Miriam.Senator Trillanes is not above the law!

BUT,may I ask Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago , How about GLORIA?

No man (or woman) is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. Theodore Roosevelt

How could so many scandals of an elected(?) president and her cadre remain unexplained, unchallenged, and unpunished? When? Probably never.

We’re not talking mistakes, here. We’re not talking poor judgment or failed policies. We’re not talking politics as usual, with its underhanded array of pork and perks. But we are talking about very serious violations of the public trust, and very possibly the law, perpetrated by the elected(?) leader of this nation and her handlers.

Even more amazingly, we are talking about the shameful reality that not a single one of these offenses has been investigated by a truly independent, non-political, neutral commission, armed with subpoena powers and adequate funding, and answerable ONLY to the people of Philippines. Not a single one.

What ever happened to the investigation of:

* The National Power Corp. (Napocor) -CPK-Kalayaan rehabilitation project.

* The race horse importation fiasco.

* The overpriced Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard exposé.

* Misuse of the fertilizer funds,

* The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. scandals.

* The jueteng scandals.

* the ZTE-NBN scandal("Buck off!").

* The Bribery of Governors and Congressmen in Malacanang.

* The MOTHER of ALL SCANDALS :THE HELLO GARCI Mega Scandal that influenced the last Presidential elections.

* The Extra-Judicial Killings of Activists as reported by the United Nations special raporteur on human rights.

* And many more...

What’s left to be said? Not very much. Gloria Pidal has had a free pass to do as she pleased since 2001.She and her political operators have not been held accountable for any crime against the people of this country. Gloria is above the law.Why?

Equalizer said...

Minister of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda

* Puno said they even tried to call the act something else as curfew might not have traumatic effect on the people, who could associate it to the curfew imposed during the Martial Law era.

* "Iyong sinabi niyo nga na pag sinabing curfew maaalala martial law talaga. So nag-iisip kami, pwede bang gumamit ng ibang salita? Para hindi naman magkaroon ng traumatic effect sa ating mga kababayan. Eh wala naman talagang maisip. So sabi namin tutal iilang oras iyan... (We could not think of any other name to call it so we decide to stick on curfew anyway it’s only for a few hours)."

* "Technically that is not an arrest(i.e.,mass arrests and handcuffing of journalists covering the Trillanes story). That is a processing," Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno said.

"Oh Mortal Man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?Josef Goebbel, Minister of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda

eagle wild said...

It is very difficult if not impossible to effect a change of gloria by abiding with the rules of the gloria.Justice and the rule of law are on a stranglehold of Malacanang. To aspire for a change for the better according to rules of the incumbent is virtually a pie in the sky. One can't have his cake and eat it too.
History is well documented withstruggles of peoples for liberty and justice. Gettysburg was not served on a silver platter, but rather with the blood of brother against brother. And so did Bastille undergo the baptism of fire. Real and lasting liberty went thru the crucible where the slag is separated from the ore.
Pinoys were given independence on a silver with the inevitable result of a nation stillborn. There is no national discipline to speak of except that dictated by whoever occupies Malacanang. Not until another Bonifacio comes along to resume the birth of a nation will there be any change of the character of a people.

The Tikbalang Files said...

We have been at a crossroads for so long, so what's your point?!

All you lot have been doing was talk and yalk, talk and yalk like most conios do. So what next?

Civil war anyone?

Everyone here keeps talking about reform and revolution but they keep forgetting it's not just the government who needs revamping, it is our entire society.

The old ways has to go, the feudal patronages have to be cut, regional boundaries have to be broken down.

We need a clean slate, we need to go back to Year Zero, we need Civil War now!

rod_alvarez said...

some minor contribution:

Free the "Manila Peninsula 50"