Sunday, October 29, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The People's Initiative, as proposed by Singaw ng Bayad, is dead. Rumors are flying fast and furiously about its resurrection, maybe in December, when a new CJ and SC appointee get to warm their derrieres on those plush armchairs.

Not to be outdone, the majority in the House, led by the diminutive Joe De Vee, has loudly vowed to railroad a Constituent Assembly through it, never mind the Senate.

As our co-convenor, Edwin Lacierda, declared by text, "Oh, what a tangled web they weave!". You betcha - a tangled web of lies and double speak. At last night's MOPC party, JDV moaned and groaned about the petition's defeat, making sure the media heard him, just in case his true boss, Gloria, was listening while in China. Hmmm, he's probably lost his leadership, so watch for Pichay, the vegetative Rep from Surigao, to traipsy in to save the day.

Want more lies and deceit? All you have to do is visit Singaw's site, it's rife with 'em. ULAP is pretty much right up there with the best of benders of truth, check out this article,

Not to be outdone, check out the DOJ's most eminent prevaricator and rumormongerer. Raul should give lessons. He's a master. There is no need to provide links in this regard, just read any of his quotes.

Gird your loins, my friends, we are about to be avalanched by another plethora of non-truths, half-truths, and gossip. The Congress' lie fest is set to reach a new high next week.

Till then, have a great Halloween, and celebrate your departed with the remembrance they deserve.


schumey said...


With the pro-Cha-Cha groups claim of having 6.3 million supporters who are dismayed by the SC ruling, how come I don't see them massing in the streets to protest? Apparently, the dead and those they mislead just won't. The deception continues but now the people know what they're really up too. The end is near for the pretender. I hope it doesn't take long.

manuelbuencamino said...

Avelino Cruz called the people's initiative "legally harebrained" and called for the cabinet members who pushed it to apologize to Gloria.

Helga said...

Schu, with each trip and stumble, the Palace Usurper's slip shows more and more. As long as the doors to her permanent stay remain closed, she and her cabal will become more and more paranoid and panicked. I'm prayin' real hard it'll get so bad for her, she'll do something really terrible.

Hi MB! Those guys whould not only apologize, they should hang themselves for such a stupid, and awfully mismanaged plot. I swear, that place is full of hubris!

A little bird whispered that the DND Secretary may be contemplating on finally leaving. Now that would be rich. I haven't read the purported white paper they were circulating about him, heard it sucks. Hmmmm... can you say "Hyatt 11"?

manuelbuencamino said...


please publish the white paper if you get your hands on it. It would be great to play a guessing game on who authored it.