Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In God's Hands

The decision on the bogus People’s Initiative will finally be deliberated by the Supreme Court today. The future of our country is now in the hands of 15 Justices.

This forthcoming decision from the Justices is being viewed very closely by all sides. Today, the nation waits with bated breath, relying on the collective wisdom of the Supreme Court to do the right thing. Prior to today, at no other point in our nation's recent history has a decision by the Supreme Court been so ardently expected by the people.

Various sectors have weighed in on the issue, such as the Association of Concerned Teachers. It has seen through the alleged deception and is against participation in a Plebiscite should the Initiative pass the Court’s muster. A recent survey shows that swaths of people from across social classes view with reluctance the independence of the Supreme Court as the last bastion of democracy to preserve the constitutional principle of checks and balances. It is clear that people are suspicious about recent news on lobbying efforts by pro Cha-Cha forces, and cannot discount the declarations of Chief Justice regarding pressure. One only has to read the newspapers and notice the recent plethora of articles and ads sponsored by petitioner Sigaw ng Bayan.

The Black & White Movement has always maintained that this initiative is the engine of a Cha-Cha train seemingly piloted by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, while the caboose is her version of Charter Change as championed by Rep. Pichay. The route of this railroad ends with her perpetual protection from accountability.

But the decision to derail this railroading is out of our hands. All we can do is reaffirm our faith in the justice system and express our unequivocal trust that the Supreme Court will be true to their calling: to uphold the rule of law and defend our democracy against those who wish to pervert it for their personal, evil ends.

We continue to believe that the present Supreme Court will arrive at the right decision because they are mindful not only of their rightful legacy in our nation's history but because their primary obligation is to see that justice be done though the heavens fall, pressures notwithstanding.

It’s in God’s hands now, and we pray that the Court be blessed with discernment, clarity of thought, and the courage to do the right thing at this critical point in our nation’s history.


the bystander said...

if it's really in God's hands now, will he allow evil to triumph - that is - for the pro-chacha advocates to gain the nod of the supreme court?

i hope and pray that God will heed our call for an end to all the lying, cheating and stealing this administration is known for..

the thing is, these people want to be crooks till kingdom come.

schumey said...


We did it! You got the numbers right but the results went the other way. Thank God the SC saw the light. But the fight is just starting, we now have to face the JDV gang and NO-EL.

Edwin Lacierda said...

God is good indeed!

Helga said...

Guys, I can hardly contain myself, am so happy! But this is so far from over, as Schumey says. Please gimme a few minutes to fashion our statement. By the way - did any of you notice? My last entry was just about a month ago, it was full of dread. Have I been depressed that long? :->

cvj said...

Thank God for granting discernment to the Supreme Court justices and for having groups like One Voice and the BnW Movement around to fight the good fight.

Helga said...

Happy to hear from you, cvj! Thank you for the pat on our collective back, but as you well know, we all have much to look out for and fight against in the coming weeks. No rest for the weary, but the shot in the arm from the SC has suffused us with a wonderful energy!