Thursday, September 14, 2006

What Gives, ANC?

As media liaison for the Black & White Movement and STOP Cha Cha, one segment of the job is to monitor the news on TV, radio and in print. When it comes to television news, I naturally depend on ANC to give me the lowdown on current events as well as coverage of important news events. ANC does a pretty good job, and their correspondents are competent, they know their stuff. The Black & White Movement and STOP Cha Cha are grateful for ANC's coverage of our events and activities.

So, I thought it was great that ANC was covering the lively Senate hearing on the PCGG this afternoon. But as Sen. Serge Osmena was asking questions of Camilo Sabio, I was surprised when ANC cut its coverage in favor of a lifestyle show, "Shop Talk". Don't get me wrong, I think "Shop Talk" is an informative show. But when it takes precedence over a news event such as a hot topic like the Senate versus the PCGG, that confuses me. Is faux jewelry and ceramic art more important than alleged anomalous dealings by the PCGG?

With all due respect to Maria Ressa, who did answer my text, saying their EP (Executive Producer) was "watching and will go back if it (the hearing) moves", it seems that ANC has re-ordered its priorities when it comes to the coverage of news events. ANC touts its capability of giving us the news as it breaks (Ricky Carandang speaks about that in an ANC ad), as seen in last's year's impeachment hearings in the House (Pinky Webb alludes to it in the same ANC ad, saying that's what "made" them, and that's true), the coverage of last February's events, etc. There is nothing better for anyone interested in the news than breaking news. And I really thought that was ANC's core competence as a news channel, in fact, as the only all-news channel in this country.

The news is important to me. As Maria says in their ad, without ANC we wouldn't be able to get local news as it happens. And I do depend on ANC for this strength, not for its lifestyle programming. But that's just me, and I'm just one viewer.


manuelbuencamino said...

Ressa's answer, "If it moves" is wrong.

If a news channel believes an event is worthy of live coverage then it should do just that - Turn on the camera and let it run from start to finish.

If a news channel believes that something is important but not worthy of live coverage then it should simply air taped portions of those parts it considers relevant or moving. Then it becomes a news report and not live coverage which is "news as it happens".

Ano yun? Why is the ANC acting like a televiewer who switches channels when they are bored?

Helga said...

My thoughts exactly, MB!

Just because the shouting had ceased didn't mean that the rest of the proceedings was less important. It smacks of bad decision making. The statement doesn't seem to be in keeping with their current ad on breaking news.

They're a news channel, not House and Garden.

manuelbuencamino said...

"We interrupt our live news coverage to return to our regularly scheduled program"

"We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a live news event"

ANC sees no difference between the two. They should change their name to ENC. Entertainment and News Channel.

john marzan said...

in ANC's opinion, mas importante ang "shop talk" tv show kaysa sa senate hearing re PCGG?

*scratches head*

Helga said...

John, am happy to report that at this time (around 3:55pm), the hearing's being covered live from Senate, during the time slot of "Shop Talk". :->




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