Thursday, September 07, 2006

A One Way Ticket to the Blues

"Choo, choo train chuggin' down the track
Gotta travel on, never comin' back
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues" - Neil Sedaka
Firstly, the Majority in the House of Representatives screw us by killing the 2nd Impeachment. Secondly, they screw us again, this time by the deplorable act of House Resolution 1230, paving the way for a Constituent Assembly without the Senate. A member of the House was so scandalized, he said our only hope was to turn to the military, ask them to defend the Constitution from this rape (you should have voted for Impeachment, Teddy Boy).

But do we really care? So blatant a distortion of our Constitution, the bedrock of our democracy, should have us all so enraged, so insulted. But are we? They are getting away with it, as we nonchalantly go about our business of daily life, blithely unaware that we are being assaulted.

Funnily enough, the number 1230 has another terrible significance - On 30 December 2002, Gloria announced to all that she would not be running for president. That was her first public betrayal.

Meanwhile, the Three Little Pig Bullies throw their ponderous weight around, screaming libel at every turn, at anyone who dares question them. And the Usurper with a Speech Defect curls her lip in approval at our seeming acceptance of her evil.

So do we really mind all this? Maybe we have been cowed and bowed, happy to be swimming in a cesspool of iniquity.


schumey said...

Great one! This should scare the living hell out of those still unconvinced that these maggots are out to hold on to power forever. Teddyboy got a kick in the butt for lining himself up with these scoundrels.

They say that the integrity of the house is at stake in Rep. Cayetano's case, hellooo, there's no such thing with these bozos in the majority.

john marzan said...
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john marzan said...

some of those who defended arroyo like bong austero say na they are "tired" of politics, "tired" of opposition, and if the anti-arroyos would just shut up about impeachment, there will be peace and everything will be a-okay with the country.

but guess what, you people may be "tired" of hearing re the Arroyo administration, the scandals and politics, but the arroyo admin and politics are not tired of you!

after pinatay ang impeachment, the fence sitters who were for the status quo thought na at LAST matatahimik ang political situation,

but guess what, hindi pa rin tapos ang katarantaduhan ng arroyo admin.

after impeachment, seque sila kaagad sa CHA CHA CHOO CHOO!

maybe the arroyo admin has won the battle on the impeachment (by using their superior numbers), but I think they're pushing their luck with cha cha. not only is there no great clamor for it, but the way they're trying to go about the changes (PI and ConAss) is just plain wrong. they (arroyo's pigs) are this close to abusing their powers (or maybe they already have?) even if i were for charter change, i would be strongly against it because of the way arroyo's allies are doing it.

if the opposition is smart, they should use the PI and Con Ass issue against the admin solons.

Helga said...

John, that's precisely what we hope the opposition will do, and those of us who work with them are seeing that happen. I don't know if fighting "garapalan" with "bastusan" will work, I don't think we want to debase ourselves. The sure thing is this - these guys have shown us what they really are inside on their own.

Thanks, schumey! The collection is growing, will probably post the revision tomorrow once done. Forgot a few other despicable characters.

The Purple Phoenix said...

hello. ok lang po ba nai-print yung picture? lagay ko lang so dorm maraming ipis - baka matakot.

seriously, that was a really nice picture. panakot talaga.

Helga said...

Thanks, Purple Phoenix! Sure, be my guest, feel free to print. You may want to check out the latest incarnation, the pic's part of my latest post, "Derailing Cha Cha". Mas nakakatakot! :->



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