Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The true colors of Chief Justice Renato Corona have been exposed beyond the shadow of a doubt. Despite every effort to be liberal with the rules, giving him every opportunity to make a statement, his response was to try to manipulate the Senate and make fools of everyone in the impeachment trial.

Instead of being forthright he substituted the truth by maligning people who had no part in the case and no opportunity to defend themselves. At the end of all his drama was a cheap shot: to try to diminish Congress by attempting to put institutions in the dock.

One man is on trial; one man stands accused; and despite all his protestations that he would reveal all, to the bitter end he has resorted to sly trickery, by making a conditional waiver. That was a cheap trick.

He then tried a getaway in the grand GMA manner.

The die has been cast. The Senate has issued a just ultimatum. He must face his accusers, and face them without further prevarication.

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quingon said...

Cheap tricks indeed! Parang kayo hindi guilty ng cheap tricks no? 45 properties? 82 $accounts? Small lady?